Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; 1 Corinthians 13 : 5


Our Ministers

We pray, Lord, for Your anointing upon our minister. Guide him, help him and teach him Your will and way for his life and for the community You have placed in his care. Enable him to be effective in his teaching and preaching, as well as giving loving care to the people of the congregation of the church he leads. Be with him Lord, as he studies and prepares the message to bring to the members of the church, and assist him in all that is necessary for the church to go forward as a powerful witness to Your love and care.


Lord, we gather together in Your Name, as Your people in this place. May we support one another, and be involved in the various teaching and ministry that are offered. We desire to grow in knowledge of Your Word and Will, Lord and as we study and learn we pray that You will guide us. Bless this place where we gather in Your name, Lord, to hear Your Word preached, and to take part in the activities that are offered. Bless us Lord, and Your congregation in this place.

Church Leaders

We thank You for the men and women who are leaders in our community. They have offered themselves to serve wherever they are needed, and show us true servanthood through their willingness to take part in many activities. Thank You for their responsibility in enabling the church to go forward through their help and involvement. Bless all who desire to serve You in the church structure Lord, and give so willingly in service.

South Africa

Lord, we pray for our land and the people of South Africa. May we live in peace and harmony with one another and always be willing to help those who are less fortunate. We pray for the leaders of our land, those who stand in National Parliament and also in the local governing bodies. We pray for honest, hard-working people who will give willingly to ensure smooth running of all the governing structures of our land. Bless all people of our country Lord, and may they seek to be helpful to ensure that all political parties work together in service for our land and people.

The Needy

We come before You Lord, asking for Your help, healing and blessing for those who are not well. May Your loving touch surround and help each one we name. They are Your own, Lord, and we pray for Your guidance and help in their situation. Thank You, Lord!

Monday 26th August               2 Peter 1 - 10

Strive!   We are called to work hard to make God’s call and choice of us a permanent experience, so that we never abandon our faith. At the beginning we are full of enthusiasm for the things of Christ, but it is so easy to allow the world to impact us and draw us away from His side. We need to examine our faith walk on a regular basis, to ensure that we are walking on the path that Christ has set out before us. We may have strayed and turned aside to other pursuits, allowing the world to tempt us away from attending church, or forgetting to have an early morning quiet time. Our focus must be on our Lord. Strive in your Christian walk to do as God requires, the reward is enormous. Do your best to stay on the path of faithfulness. God is pleased with those who faithfully follow Christ!

Tuesday 27th August                 Romans 5: 17

Grace!Grace to us is the Divine Favour of God. It is freely given, with no strings attached. God dispenses Grace to His own, simply because He is able to and wants to. Whether we deserve it or not, God gives generously. Through the life of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, we are found acceptable to God Almighty. No matter what we have done or thought God’s Grace is freely available to us. That accident that happened just after you had passed! It is by God’s Grace that is did not involve you. That sickness that immobilised you for so long – it was God’s Grace that brought you through. We must thank our Lord and our God on a regular basis, for by His Grace He keeps our lives focused on His love. God’s Grace s freely given. Give praise and thanks for another day to receive His Grace. God is so generous and caring of His people, and readily gives His Grace into our lives.

Wednesday 28th August          1 Thessalonians 2: 10 - 13

Witnesses!What is the purpose of your life as a Christian? This is the question Paul implied to the folk at Thessalonica. He came to them, preached to them, encouraged them and kept urging them to live the kind of life that pleases God. You have heard the message of Christ, which challenges you to live busy, faithful and holy lives – being submitted to God Almighty and being a witness to the life and works of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Lord and Saviour. God is at work in every life that has accepted His Son, Jesus, as their Saviour. God is pleased with your following and your helpful instruction to others to stay the course and win the prize of life everlasting. As a witness for Christ you have been     faithful, fearless as a witness for our Lord. May you be blessed as you continue to honour God and His Son in all your living! Praise God!

Thursday 29th August            Ezekiel 14: 11

God is our God!God appoints men to be prophets for Him. He calls them to be His own, and to speak the message He gives to them. They are His people, appointed by Him to speak to the people on His behalf. The prophets are called to keep themselves pure and holy, free from sinful practices. God calls them to be faithful to Him throughout their lives. God wants those He has called to be pure and holy and only speak what He has told them. They belong to Him, they are His people. Still today there are people whom God has called to be prophets. His rules for their lives are the same they have always been. Keep yourselves pure and holy. Speak the truth you have heard from the Lord and do not deceive by telling falsehoods. God is our God and wants all who follow Him to be pure and holy. Trust in God Almighty. He is totally honourable and can be trusted!

Friday 30th August           James 2: 1 - 13

Treat people equally!There are those who show preference for some people over others. They look up to wealthy people and turn their backs on the poor and needy. God chose the poor people to be rich in faith. In the same way rich people often rely on money and don’t have much faith. God challenges us in our attitude towards others. Do we treat people equally, or do we discriminate against the poor and give honour to the rich? We may think that we treat people equally, but how do we live up to God’s standards? He loves the poor and needy, but also those who are rich and comfortable. Jesus taught us, ‘love one another.’ Can we love everyone as Jesus does? Can we welcome the poor and needy just the same as welcoming those who have much? Ask God to change your attitude, to be one who loves all people equally. This will please God. Follow the Lord in treating all people the same way!

Saturday 31st August              1 John 2: 7 - 17

Live in the Light!When we accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour, desiring to live a holy, faithful life from now on, we are changed. We still have to work at this change, for the pull of the world is strong, seeking to draw us away from the side of our Lord. We need to live in the light, faithfully following the instructions that Christ has left for us. We are told not to love the world and its attractions, and its lusts, for they are not from God. We need to yield all of self to the loving care of our Lord, and take His instructions seriously. Don’t live in darkness, for the darkness can hide a multitude of sins. Rather live in the light, so that all you think, say or do can be seen to be honourable and just. Jesus our Lord, is the One to follow. He is the Light, the Truth, and the Way. As a Christ follower we can live a full and contented life in relationship with God, our Father. Give thanks for a life in Him!

Sunday 1st September                

Bless us Lord, as we come seeking Your presence. We worship and honour You, O Lord, and raise our voices in songs of praise and adoration before You. You call us Lord, to come into Your presence, and know Your loving touch upon our hearts. We rejoice in Your love, O Lord Most High. We belong to You and desire to know Your will and way for our lives, in every part of our living. We join together to sing songs of praise and worship and to hear the Word that has been prepared for us. May we learn and grow in knowledge of Your greatness and Your everlasting love for all mankind. We have been called to come to serve You and we offer ourselves anew this day. Blessed Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we belong to You. We are Your own, and worship and praise Your Holy Name. Praise to the Lord most high. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Hallelujah!

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