The Word became a human being and, full of grace and truth, lived among us. We saw His glory, the glory which He received as the Father’s Only Son.

John 1: 14


Our Ministers

Bless those who minister to us in Your Name, O Lord. We pray for wisdom and knowledge as they read and learn from Your Word, and grow to be able to bring Your message of love and hope to members of this congregation. Bless them as they bring comfort in times of need to those who are experiencing adverse situations. May they speak Your love into the situation, and encourage people to turn and trust You in all circumstances. Bless them in all the activities performed in Your Name, and through Your help and blessing.


Bless us Lord as we gather together in this blessed appointed place, to worship and honour You, and to listen to the Word and message prepared for us to hear. You have established this place where we gather together in Your Name, and sing praise to Your Holy Self. Bless all in this community Lord, and teach us Your will and way for our lives, as we live seeking to be perfectly in Your will for us.

Church Leaders

Lord, You have chosen men and women to take leadership roles, to ensure the smooth running of Your church and all the activities that are needed. Thank You for each one who has readily accepted the work that is needed to be done, and have toiled valiantly in Your Name. Bless all areas of study and activity, Lord, and all the people who wish to serve You in the ways You have stipulated. Bless our leaders, Lord!

South Africa

God, bless our land and the people of South Africa, as we desire to live together in peace and harmony. We thank You for the ability to worship, preach and serve You without fear of retribution in any way. We lift You high, O Lord, and worship You. We thank You for giving us freedom in this land, South Africa, and we pray for our people, that they may learn and grow in Your loving care, to be a blessing to others at all times. Bless those who govern our land that they may be just in all their rulings. We pray for peace and harmony among all people groups. Lord. Bless us, we pray!

The Needy

There is such need in our land and people, Lord, as we name those who are facing illness or other difficulties before You now, we pray for your help and guidance upon all their lives. Bless, help and heal those we name O Lord. Thank You!


Monday 2nd September               John 15: 5

Bear Fruit!   Jesus has called us to be so closely attached to Him that we will know instinctively just what he wants us to do. A branch separated from the tree, or the vine, cannot produce fruit. Jesus wants us to be joined to Him, so deeply that we draw life from Him. We need to know and understand what he is calling us to be. We are to be the branches of the vine, to bear good fruit. We rely on Christ for our life blood and our ability to do His will in our lives. If we are not joined to Him, our deeds will not bear fruit. We need to belong to Him, our Lord and Saviour, in the deepest possible way. We have to yield all of self and allow our Lord to change our selfish nature to a warm and loving one that reflects the Lord we follow. Jesus wants us to bear fruit that can nourish others and help them grow in His likeness. He is the Vine – we are the branches. Bear fruit for the Lord!

Tuesday 3rd September                 Jeremiah 22: 9

Don’t abandon God!God is a jealous God and wants those who love Him to stay faithful. We are not to turn away and follow other gods – like money, possessions, or other worldly things. God called us to belong to Him and Him alone, for He loves us with an everlasting love and doesn’t want us to falter and fall in our faith walk. We have entered into a covenant with God Almighty, promising to be His forever. He will remain faithful to us regardless of our attitude, but why should we separate ourselves from His loving care? It is foolishness to think we can manage on our own. We need God! Put your trust in God Almighty, follow Him and Him alone and He will lovingly care for you. Don’t get distracted from faithful following of our God. He is faithful and wants us to be faithful too. He blesses us day by day, never taking His eyes off us. His loving care is Eternal. Don’t abandon Him – for He will never abandon us!

Wednesday 4th September          Ezra 7: 10

A devoted life!Ezra had devoted his life to studying the law of the Lord, to preaching it and to teaching all its laws and regulations to the people of Israel. This explanation of a faithful follower of god inspires us in so many ways. Ezra’s life was totally focussed on God, to get to know Him and to teach the knowledge He gained to others, so that they might grow to love the Lord in this way. It gives us food for thought. We profess to be Christians, followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, but how faithfully do we study Him and do as He requires of us? It should be our life’s desire to walk as Jesus walked, to do good works as He did, and to pray and serve God Almighty with heart, soul, mind and strength. A faithful follower and doer of good works pleases our Lord. Let us strive to be what God has called us to be and do as He requires. Follow our Lord, faithfully!

Thursday 5th September             1 John 3: 17 - 18

Love God – love the needy!John is very strong in his words to us regarding our attitude to people in need. We, who have been richly blessed by God must not close our hearts to the plight of the poor and needy. If we do not readily be generous in thought, word, and deed to those who have little we are not fulfilling God’s call, “Love one another, as I have loved you!” we find it in our land where there are many who have not enough to live on, and have to resort to begging. Is it so hard to give a loaf of bread to s starving an? Can we give some small change to the poor lady at the side of the road, enough for her to buy meal for her children? Love for God must be channelled into love for the poor and needy. Be a positive contributor to the poor. God will bless your endeavours and you will be able to help others generously. Show your love for God by being generous to poor folk!

Friday 6th September           Psalm 143: 1 - 12

Do you need help?Do you need help? There is only one place to go to receive whatever you need. It is at the feet of our Lord. As we sit before Him in total submission to Him, with the thoughts of our problems rising up to Him in prayer and supplication, we find that slowly and surely our distress fades away and our anxiety over the issues goes. What has happened? We have submitted to the One who knows all things – who loves us eternally, and who takes the burden from us and replaces it with assurance of His capability to deal with all problems. As we trust ourselves to Him and hand over all our problems, we will find that the state of our mind will change and will have the strength and ability to cope once more. God has done what He has promised. He has taken our burdens and released us to continue to serve Him in peace and tranquillity. God is an ever present help in times of trouble. Thank You, Lord!

Saturday 7th September              John 13: 1 - 20

Put Christ’s truth into practise!Christ spoke to the disciples about many things, but the physical action of washing their feet as a servant impressed on the importance He held to this act. He took the most menial of tasks to show His disciples that there is nothing too menial to do to help others. We must be ready to go the extra mile. We must be like the widow who put her all into the collection plate. We must be ready to serve others in whatever way God stirs our hearts. We must be kind, caring and gentle with others, ready to pray wherever it is needed and also to give practical help in dire circumstances. Reach out to others who are in need. Share a meal with hungry folk. Give a coin to a beggar. Thank the care guards who watch over your belongings. There are many task you can that will please the Lord. Be ready to respond when He stirs your heart! Thanks be to God!

Sunday 8th September                

We come Lord, with hearts full of love for You, with thankfulness for Your grace and loving kindness and desiring to serve You to the best of our ability. Guide us according to Your will and way, Lord, and help us to live in perfect obedience to You. You are our Lord and our God, and we worship and honour You, now and always. Teach us Your will O God, and help us to walk on the path that leads to Eternity with You. We are Your own, called by Your Son to follow Him, and as we come now, O Lord, we pray for the tie of meeting, and our desire to worship before You. Bless us Lord, day by day as we live to please You in all our living. Praise to our God and King, blessed Redeemer, Living Lord! Hallelujah!

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