Jesus Christ is not one who is a “Yes” and a “No”. On the contrary He is God’s ”Yes”; for it is He who is the “Yes” to all God’s Promises. 2 Corinthians 1: 19 - 20


Our Ministers

We bring our ministers to You Lord, praying that You will inspire and challenge them in their living as Your own. Teach them as they sit at Your feet wanting to hear from You and to bring Your message of love and hope to the members of the congregation that they lead. Day by day they are learning from You, and spend many hours seeking Your will for their own lives as well as for the congregation that they lead. Inspire them Lord, in the many activities that they take part in, spreading Your Word and Your Love in all that they do for others. Bless, help, guide and direct their ways, O Lord.


Lord we gather together in the premises You have given to us. We thank You for this place of worship, where we can hear Your Word preached, and be loving, kind and caring towards all others who gather here. You call us to meet – to hear Your Word preached, to sing songs that honour You, and to share Your loving kindness with many who we interact with. Bless us as we gather in Your Name O Lord.

Church Leaders

Thank You, Lord, for the men and women who have accepted the mantle of leadership in our congregation. There are many roles to be filled, and You have given strengths to enable the work that has to be done to be led by efficient men and women! May all work together to honour You, and to help others in their faith walk. Bless the leaders Lord, who give time and effort into so many different areas in the church. Bless and guide them, as they help others to draw closer to Your side through their encouragement and support.

South Africa

We thank You Lord, for our country and its people. You have given us so much Lord, and we are grateful for Your guiding hand upon the leaders of our land. Bless those in the farming community, who work hard to provide the materials and sustenance for us all. Bless them as they rely on You for the ideal conditions to grow the crops needed, or the animals that feed us. Bless us Lord, as we live together in harmony, whether in farming land or in cities and towns. You guide and lead us each day. Thank You for Your loving care!

The Needy

Bless those in need this day, O Lord. You know the hearts of all, and how some are aching through the problems they face, while others celebrate with joy over some family gathering. Bless all of us Lord, as we live honouring You in every way.

Monday 9th September               1 Peter 2: 7 - 10

Chosen!   We are truly blessed, for God has chosen us to proclaim the wonderful acts of God. He revealed Himself to our seeking hearts and we have grown in knowledge and wisdom of His Grace, Mercy and Love. Once we were not His people, but through our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we are made acceptable to God Almighty, Creator, and Lord of all. We are now chosen to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord, Son of God Almighty, ruler over all, and is our personal Lord and Saviour. We belong to Him. We are His people, chosen to be the King’s Priest, holy and acceptable to God Himself. We no longer live in darkness, but in the glorious light of God, our Father, who blesses us far beyond our expectations. Give thanks to our loving, kind and guiding Lord, who brings us into the Almighty Presence of God, to worship and praise His Majesty!

Tuesday 10th September               Hebrews 10: 19 - 24

Come near to God!We have the honour to be called the sons and daughters of Almighty God. As we come into His presence with sincere hearts and a sure faith and hope in our hearts we can be sure that God always keeps His promises. We are acceptable to God through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. God calls us to love one another and to help others by doing good deeds. Jesus is the way to come near to God. He offered Himself as the Supreme Sacrifice for our sin – once and for always. He took all the sin of everyone on His shoulders and nailed it to the Cross. Because of what Christ has done for us we are all purified and made acceptable to God, our Father. This ultimate gift of His life for everyone who believes in Him as God’s beloved Son ensures our security in heaven to be with Him eternally. Praise God for His plan for our eternal life with Him.

Wednesday 11th September          Hebrews 2 : 10 - 13

In Praise of God!God, who creates and preserves all things has made Jesus perfect through suffering. In this condition He brings many to share His glory. He is the One who leads them to Salvation. He is the One who purifies us from our sins. The truth is that God is Father and Lord of both Jesus, our Saviour, and ourselves as His own. We are all family with the Son of God. Jesus instructs us how to live lives that please God, our Father. He also shows us the trust He has in God and encourages us to trust as well. All of mankind has been given to Jesus to be family. He loves us all and prays for us to grow in our faith and trust in God Almighty and Himself. Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, our Brother and our King. Give praise to God, Father, Jesus our Lord, and Holy Spirit who guides and helps us each day. Praise God always!

Thursday 12th September             Jeremiah 15: 15 - 21

God speaks!Just as God spoke to Jeremiah, still He speaks today to those who faithfully serve Him. We belong to God and by spending time in His presence and listening for His words to us we know what He requires of us. God is fully involved in our lives and is pleased when we constantly seek His help and guidance. God called Jeremiah to return to Himself and he would be accepted once more, as both servant and prophet. God’s instructions are wise, and show us all the way to live as His own. We need to be faithful in thought, word and deed to our Lord and our God. If we faithfully obey God He will entrust us with greater things. Whatever God tells you to do – do it with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Give honour to our God by full obedience to His words. Trust that God knows just what is needed and obey Him implicitly. Give thanks and praise to our Lord and our God. He is Mighty to save!!

Friday 13th September             Ephesians 4: 13

Maturity!  Day by day, as we seek to know our Lord better, and obey His will and way, we grow in maturity. We cannot stay as little children, but need to grow in wisdom and knowledge. How do we gain maturity? By reading God’s Word, the Bible; being led by the Holy Spirit; praying to God; and learning what God requires of us. When this is revealed to us we need to step out in faith to do what God has instructed. He has a plan for everyone born, and it is up to us to find out His plan for our lives. Once we know and step out in faith and trust to do as God directs we will know the joy and satisfaction of being fully in God’s will for our lives. Our service for God and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, brings pleasure to them and encourages others to do likewise. Serve the Lord with gladness as mature men and women in Christ.

Saturday 14th September              Ephesians 2 4 - 10

God’s Grace!Have you thought about your life, your work, your family or your church affiliation and wondered how it all came to be? In our early years it was all about ‘me’ and what I had done, and achieved, but as we grow older and look back on our lives we realize that it is only by God’s Grace that we are who we are and have achieved so much. His hand of love and guidance has been with us all our lives, though there are many who don’t acknowledge His work in them. We give God thanks and praise for guiding us, helping us and saving us through the life of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. As we go through life we acknowledge God and His loving touch and influence for good in our lives. We give thanks and praise for His loving care each day. Praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their loving care for us.

Sunday 15th September                

Bless the Lord, O my soul! Thank You Lord, for the blessings You pour out so frequently. You send love into the hearts of men and women, and as they share that love with others, so joy rises up in their hearts. Your loving care is ever with us, Lord, and we thank You for Your watching care, help and guidance as we face issues in our everyday living. You have taught us to care for one another, and we rejoice as we experience Your loving kindness shown by one of Your followers. Blessed Jesus, Lord of All, we thank You for calling us to be in a right relationship with You, one that honours You as the Son of our Most High God, Father Almighty. You bring joy into our souls Lord. Thank You for caring for us and guiding us in our everyday living as Your own. Bless, help and guide us each day, we pray!

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