In order to set us free from this present evil age, Christ gave Himself for our sins, in obedience to the will of our God and Father.       Galatians 1: 4


Our Ministers

Lord, You have appointed men and women to be in charge of Your church in many places. We thank You for their faithfulness to You and for the ability You have given them to preach Your Word to their congregation. They spend many hours studying and preparing the message to bring, and also provide comfort and counsel to those in need. We thank You for each one You have called into full time ministry, and for their diligence and hard work. Bless those who minister and their families too, Lord. Thank You for them!


Lord, You have established Your church, where people gather in Your Name, to hear the message prepared and to join in the worship that takes place. We thank You for each place where people gather in Your name, seeking to worship and honour You, and to encourage others to draw near and learn of Your great love for every man, woman and child. Bless the place where we gather Lord.

Church Leaders

There are men and women with skills that You can use to reach others with the Gospel message. We thank You for those who are willing to take a leadership role in teaching and instructing others about Your life and love and fellowship with us. Thank You for the skills that are used to ensure that the church moves forward, bringing the Good News to many who have never heard it before. Bless our leaders, Lord!

South Africa

God, bless South Africa we pray, and take care of all our citizens. There is much unrest and anxiety amongst our people, Lord, and we ask for Your protective hand to comfort and guide us on the path You desire us to walk. Protect our farmers, and enable them to produce the food required to feed the millions across our land. We give you thanks and praise for taking care of us, and guiding the leaders of our land in the decisions that are taken. God, bless South Africa, we pray, and guard and guide our people!

The Needy

There are many in need this day, O Lord, and we name them before You now, praying that in Your mercy and love you will bless, help and heal them. Thank You for Your loving care, O Lord, our God!


Monday 16th September              1 Timothy 2 : 1 - 7

Saved by Grace!   God wants everyone to be saved to the uttermost. If He was not concerned about our souls He would not have sent His Son to be our Saviour. God’s plan is perfect in every detail. What He promised, that we read in the Old Testament, came into being and is reported in the New Testament. Jesus came, by the Grace of God, to be our Saviour. He came and by His example of a perfect, kind, loving, loyal and faithful life, gave us the example to follow. We, who have grown to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, desire to be like Him in every way and thus be assured of a place in heaven with Him one day. God’s grace reaches out to every man, woman and child and invites them to “Come and see that the Lord is good!” God gave up His Son for our lives. Take Him up on His offer of Eternal Life by giving yourself to Jesus Christ, Son of God, our Saviour.

Tuesday 17th September                 Psalm 93: 1 - 5

God of all!When we contemplate God in all His Glory and all that He achieves day by day, we are awed by His ability. Everything God does is perfect. Every thought He has fulfils its promise. Every act of God is helpful. He watches over us and cares for us with an everlasting love. He rules with fairness, judging each case on its own merits, and gives the right judgement. He created the earth and everything on it. Each thing has its place in His plans. We, His children, look to Him to honour Him. He takes care of us all. The world is in its rightful place and God’s hand keeps it steady. O God, You are to be praised above all. We thank You for life, love, laughter and above all Your presence with us each day. We live because You live. We love, for You have filled our hearts with love. We praise and worship You, O Lord God Almighty. May Your Name be praised eternally! Bless the Lord, O my soul!

Wednesday 18th September          Romans 4: 13 - 25

God’s Promise!God’s promise is based on faith, a guarantee of God’s free gift to all believers. God accepts us as righteous because of our faith and trust in His beloved Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. God is able to do what He promises and we have to have faith that it is so. Our life as followers of Jesus is based on faith and trust that Jesus is who He says He is, Son of God Almighty, come to save us and bring us back into the fold. We have grown in our faith and trust in our Lord, for He has done as He has promised, He has brought us back into a loving relationship with God Almighty through His life and death on our behalf. We believe, for we have been touched by the loving hand of God. We accept His promise that we are to be made righteous because of the sacrifices of Jesus, God’s Son, and our Lord!

Thursday 19th September           Ecclesiastes 3: 16 - 22

Life is not just!God has a time and a place for everything. It is no mere chance that we have been born at this time and in this place. God has work for us to do and we need to discover what He requires of us and go out and do what He requires. God’s plans for our lives are set in motion and we carry on in His care. We can find out what God wants us to be and so do the best we can. But life does not always go smoothly. We live, we die, and we serve our Lord, and gain our reward. Some get much in life – others get little. We are not in charge of our own destiny, but God is! Seek God and find what He requires of you. Work hard at that task and you will achieve what God has planned. Be kind to all people and living creatures, for God made us all to live together in harmony. Give thanks to God for life – His greatest gift to us. Praise His Holy Name! He is Lord of all!  

Friday 20th September             Habakkuk 2: 14

Knowledge of God’s Glory!  We may have just a little knowledge of God and His Glory, but one day we will know it all. When our lives on earth are finished we will be with our Lord forever. Now we know only partially, but then we will have full knowledge of His Majesty and Grandeur. We will be with our Lord forever. Now we can only imagine that Glory. The Holy Spirit inspires us and we have moments when we are surrounded by the magnificence of God. But then, in Heaven, we will see the Lord in all His beauty. His Glory will overwhelm us and we will fall to our knees in worship of His Majesty. What a wonderful day waits for us. God, His Son, and all His angels will be waiting to receive us. What an honour we will have. In the presence of our God we will worship forever. Praise God, for His Majesty and Glory. Holy is the Lord, always!

Saturday 21st September              Psalm 139: 1 - 14

God’s Knowledge!Not one thing happens in the world that has not been planned by God. Every baby born, every marriage planned, every death that comes is known by God before it happens. All our activities should bring honour to our Lord and our God for He is in control of all things. Each of us is born at the right time, to achieve God’s purpose. Each task that He has appointed that is carried out by you or me has been ordained. We can safely give our lives into God’s hands, for His plan for us is perfect. Let all that you do bring honour to our Lord. Whatever you do, do it willingly, to the best of your ability. This will please our Lord. Rejoice over the life God has given, your friends, your family, your home, your work, your worship. All is from the Lord of all. Do all you can to bring Him Glory. Praise the Lord, O my soul, Creator of all things!!

Sunday 22nd September                

We thank You Lord, for bringing us through yet another week, with many trials and problems faced through Your help and support. We thank You Lord God, for Your loving care, and Your help and guidance as we struggle with decisions that have to be made. You know all things and You know what lies ahead for us. Be with us Lord, as we face issues that bewilder us. Give us the strength to carry on, trusting in Your abiding love and help in all things. We worship and honour You Lord, praying that You will guide our footsteps day by day, ensuring that we walk the path You have set before us, safe in the care that You bestow on us. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Bless His holy Name. Thank You Lord, for Your loving kindness.

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