Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Romans 12 : 2


Our Ministers

We pray for our ministers, Lord, that they may be inspired as they prepare the message to bring to the people You have placed in their care. Watch over them and guide them on Your path of righteousness. Enable them to help those who come in need, and to bring them the comfort that they require. Watch over the people who desire to learn more of Your love and care, and give our ministers the loving heart that reaches out to those in need. Bless those who serve You in this place. Thank You, Lord!


Lord God, You have brought us together in this place, to be Your people, and to learn and study Your Word. May we grow in wisdom and knowledge of Your Word, and desire to help others grow to know You with deep and abiding love. Bless us in this place, which You have given us to gather to worship You and to share Your love with one another. May we always have open doors, ready to welcome all who come.

Church Leaders

Bless every man and woman who stands as a leader among us. You have given them qualities that enable them to speak Your Word, and to love all manner of people with the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. There are many areas of responsibility, and we thank You for those who are ready to serve You in those positions. Bless all our leaders, Lord, and may they encourage us all with the example they show of loyalty and faithfulness to You. Thank You for our leaders.

South Africa

Lord, we pray for our land South Africa, and all her people. There are many areas where drought has gripped the land, and we pray for rain to fall and enable the farmers to plant crops once more. We pray too Lord, for the poor and needy, who have little, and no means to gain employment or support. Bless all in need this day, Lord, and help them in their hour of need. Guide those in leadership in Parliament too Lord, that they may seek the best way forward for our people and our land. Thank You for Your loving care, Lord!

The Needy

Bless the poor and needy, O Lord our God, especially those who are facing illness or other difficulties. We name those we know Lord, asking for Your healing hand to rest upon them and restore them to full health. Thank You, Lord!!


Monday 7th October               John 17: 1 - 6

To know God!   I am sure that we all desire to know God in a deeper way than we do at this moment. We think of the time we first met Jesus and gave our hearts to Him. Our knowledge did not stay locked into that moment, but, as we read the Word and prayed to Jesus and studied and meditated, so we grew to know Him more deeply. We began in a simple relationship that has grown deeper over the days and years that have passed. We have grown deeper in love with our Triune God and live each day longing to please Him and to know His guiding hand upon our lives. To know God is to love Him – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. He is always with us, helping and guiding us day by day. Give thanks for the Hand of God upon us, protecting us from harm. We praise Him, worship and thank Him for His love!

Tuesday 8th October                 1 Peter 2: 1 - 9

A chosen race!How wonderful that we, who love and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, have been chosen by God to be His own people. We are called to tell others about His wonderful acts. God called us out of darkness, transformed us and made us brothers and sisters to His Son Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We can tell others about His wonderful acts of kindness and mercy. God Himself lifted us out of mud and clay to be part of His family. We know His love and mercy. We have experienced it and now proclaim it to all mankind. God is kind and merciful and His Son, Jesus, is the example we follow. We have been called by God to be His own forever. Praise God for His loving kindness and His mercy to us. We are His own and serve Him as His priests, proclaiming His wonderful acts!

Wednesday 9th October          John 12: 44 - 50

Believe!Jesus tells us that whoever believes in Him believes too in His Father, God Almighty! Jesus was sent to the world to show people the way to Eternal Life. We need to understand the message that Jesus brought to the world. If we believe in Jesus then we must surely believe in the Father – God Almighty. Jesus came to be light to the people of the world – to reveal the truth that comes from the heart of God. The message is that Jesus is the Light of the World and came to bring meaning to the life of man. Those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God are already safe. Those that refuse to believe this truth are condemned forever. Jesus came as Light to us – to banish the darkness of evil and sin and to show the way to Eternal Life. Take this truth deep into your heart and believe and be saved. Jesus, our Lord brought truth and light for all mankind!

Thursday 10 th October             Acts 14 : 23

Elders!In every church men and women are appointed to positions of authority in order to help the minister with the running of the church. They are chosen as loyal, devoted people, who are willing to serve wherever they are needed. They go above and beyond mere duty by faithfully serving wherever they are needed. God uses these faithful men and women in many different ways. They assist the leader/minister by preparing all that is required for the services. They have been appointed to lead in various areas, like Sunday School, Bible Study, Office Organization and other areas of responsibility. Elders are chosen by God to stand alongside the minister and give help wherever and whenever it is required We thank God for these people who serve so willingly. 

Friday 11th October         John 5: 1 - 7

Abide in Me!  Jesus calls us to “Abide in Me”. What we are called to do is to be His own in every way. Another word used is “remain”. If we belong to Jesus, our Lord, we can never be separated from Him. He is with us always. He is closer than breathing, for He is our very life. In Him we live and move and have our being. Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we belong to Him forever. He is with us, in our hearts and He guides us and helps us every day. His love surrounds us and enables us to speak of Him in loving terms. There is not even one minute that we are left alone. He is in us, body, soul and spirit, and guides and helps us day by day. Rejoice over the closeness of our Lord. His promises are true and we are richer because of His presence with us. He is forever near. He abides in us and enables us to be faithful and true always. Bless the Lord, O my soul. He abides in me!

Saturday 12th October              Acts 17: 22 - 34

Judgement Day is coming!   Many years ago God sent Paul to bring His message to the Greek people. He spent time teaching about God and His plans for the world’s redemption. God sent proof to the world by sending His Son, Jesus, to live among mankind and teach of the wonderful love of God for all of His Creation. God looked upon the city of Athens and spoke severely about their evil ways. He will judge mankind by means of One Man, His own Son, sent to the world to be its Saviour. Paul told them about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, born to be Saviour of the world, not just the Jewish people but the Gentiles also. For it has been stated that He will die and He will rise again and take His message of love and redemption to the whole world. Blessed is the Name of our Lord – Jesus Christ!

Sunday 13th October                

We praise You Lord, and pray for all those who gather together this day, seeking to worship and honour You. People are gathering in churches all across our land, and we pray for a blessing to rest upon each person as they raise their voices to sing hymns of love and adoration, and listen to the message that their leader has prepared. Lord, we pray that You will bless all who worship You and seek Your help and guidance to live honourable lives. May we hear Your Word to us, O Lord that will guide us on right paths and enable us to know and follow Your will for our lives. We worship and honour You, O Lord our God, and praise Your Mighty Name, now and always. Bless the Lord, O my soul! Amen!

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