Christ is the head of His body, the church; He is the source of the body’s life.     Colossians 1: 18


Our Ministers

Thank You Lord for the men and women whom You have called into full-time ministry. We pray for each one, asking that you will guide and help them as they prepare the message to bring to the members of this congregation, and support people though counselling and comfort in their time of need. Be close as they spend time in Your presence, seeking Your help and guidance in all the issues that they have to help or deal with. Encourage them as they seek Your touch and loving presence in their time of prayer before You.


Lord, we give You thanks and praise for the church where we meet together to hear Your Word brought by the leaders here. Bless us as we grow in love and knowledge through the teaching and preaching of Your Word. Bless all the people Lord, who have joined us here longing to learn more about Your loving kindness and Your will and way for their own lives and for us all. Bless us as we gather together in Your Name, to honour and praise and thank You for Your teaching and help for all our members.

Church Leaders

There are men and women whom You have called into leadership positions, Lord. We thank You for the enthusiasm that they show and their willingness to work wherever there is a need. You have given them the qualities required for the task that they have taken on, and Your guidance and help ensures success in all that they do in Your Name. Thank You for the help that they give to all members of the church.

South Africa

God, bless our land, South Africa. We pray for rain across our land, so that the farmers can provide sufficient crops for us all. There are many who are in need, Lord, and we pray for Your help and guidance when they call unto You. Bless those in leadership positions, and may they give of their best in the tasks they are responsible for. God, bless our land and people, we pray, and may we be faithful in thought word and deed to Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord and Saviour!

The Needy

There are many who are in need this day, O Lord, and as we name those we know of before You now, we pray for Your hand of help and healing to touch their lives. Bless those who call out to You in this their hour of need. Thank You, Lord!

 Monday 28th October               1 John 4: 7 - 21

Love!These verses tell us so plainly of God’s love for us. He has made us in His own image and has given us a heart to know Him. He has poured out love into our hearts, so that we might love one another as He loves us. As we seek to live as Christ’s disciples, so the love that has been birthed in us grows and multiplies. We take on the nature of our Lord and Saviour, and through this relationship with Him are able to love our fellow beings as He does. Love grows in us inpurity, honesty and goodness and we delight in being able to help one another in the challenges of life. As we live to love and serve our Lord, so the depths of loving kindness grows in us. Nothing is too much for us to do, for God in His Grace expands our ability to love. God is Love – Jesus is Love – the Holy Spirit is love, and through this Triune love we grow to be filled with pure and holy love. Love one another as Christ loves you!

Tuesday 29th October                 Numbers 17: 1 - 13

Dead wood lives again!God chose one of the leaders of Israel to be His own through a miraculous event. Each leader of a tribe took a stick of wood, and laid it in the Tent of God’s Presence. Overnight one stick sprouted, budded, blossomed and produced ripe almonds. Thus God showed His favour on Aaron. We read of this account with awe and wonder. God performs miracles where there seems to be no hope of change. We hear today of the miracles of Almighty God. He lives amongst us, helping, healing and restoring many to full health. We pray for God’s favour and blessings on our loved ones, those who face serious illness. We also pray for God to show His favour on our land and people – for world peace, protection and delivery from those who would harm us. God hears every prayer and blesses us in ways we often cannot understand. Give thanks for our miracle working God of love.

Wednesday 30th October          Psalm 14: 4

Ignorance!In this Psalm God comments on the wickedness of man. It is not enough that people don’t worship Him, they go further and don’t do anything that is right. He condemns those who behave with ignorance, saying that they rob others. But what most troubles God is that the ignorant people never pray to Him. Yet there will come a time when people will be terrified, when they will see that God is with those who obey Him. He protects the humble people from the evildoers. God sees all that happens. He looks down from heaven, seeking those who are wise and those who worship Him. He looks far and wide but finds few who give Him honour. Ignorant folk will suffer the consequences of their wrong actions. Look to the Lord. Seek His face and do what He requires. Pray to Him and honour God Almighty!

Thursday 31st October             John 17: 14

Sharing the Message!Jesus came to the world to bring a message of love and hope. God sent Him to be Saviour to all who accept Him as their Lord. Jesus did not come with bullying tactics, forcing His beliefs on anyone, but rather showed them a new way of life, one of love and acceptance. Jesus was loving, caring and accepting of anyone. He saw when people were in need and reached out with loving kindness. He met with people from all walks of life, the poor and needy, the rich and famous, and loved them all equally. The message He brought was “Love one another, as I have loved you!” Through this pure and holy love lives were changed. As we reach out to folk today the message we bring is one of love. Jesus’ love in us enables us to reach out to others to tell them that they are loved too. May the love of the Lord touch the lives of those we meet and speak to!

Friday 1st November          2 Peter 1: 3 - 8

God calls us!  God calls us to share in His own glory and goodness so we can live a life truly dedicated to Him. He created us in His own image, and has given us traits that enable us to live as His own. He calls us to not allow the lusts of the world to influence us and change us, but to model our lives on Jesus Christ, adding goodness, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, Christian affection and love, so that we can live a life that truly reflects Christ in all our living. God’s call to us through His Son, Jesus, enables us to make our choice to follow Him a permanent experience. God floods our life and soul with His love, enabling us to live up to the high standard He has set for our lives. We are honoured that God has called us to be His own. Let us try all the harder to make it a permanent experience.

Saturday 2nd November              Psalm 51: 1 - 19

Seek Forgiveness!   There are none who have not sinned, save our Lord, Jesus Christ. We may have the intention to do only good, but more often are caught up in sinful practices. The more we try to live pure lives, the more Satan tempts us away from the holy path. When we realize how serious our sinful actions are we come before our Lord with contrite hearts. Many time we do not deliberately go out to commit sin, but suddenly find ourselves doing what we should not do. We seem unable to help ourselves. Yet Christ came to save us from ourselves. If we give our hearts to Him and let Him guide and help us in our living He will guide us on holy paths. If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sin and help us to live faithfully following His pure and holy ways.   Seek forgiveness and live in Jesus care

Sunday 3rd November                

We worship You, Almighty God, and come before You with thankful hearts. You are so generous in Your giving, taking care of us in all situations, and providing us with the necessities of life. We honour You Lord God, and give You thanks and praise for the way You take care of us all. We come to worship and honour You, Lord, our God, blessed and honourable in all Your living. Teach us Your ways, O Lord. Fill our hearts with love, to overflowing, so that we can reach out and love all others besides our own families and friends. We are thankful Lord, for Your provision of all that we need, and we come with thankful heart to worship here before You. Blessed Lord, we worship, honour and bless Your Holy Name. We belong to You wholeheartedly. Teach us to love others as You do, and to live in obedience to our Father God. Blessed is Your Name, O Christ, Son of the Living God, our Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah!

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