So I am going to take her back to the desert again; there I will win her back with words of love. Hosea 2 : 14


Our Ministers

We come this day seeking Your blessing for those men and women who are in full-time service for You. You have called them to be Your own, and as they have responded You have guided them and blessed them. You have placed them where You want Lord, and they serve You so faithfully in this place. Thank You for their perseverance and hard work, to spread the Gospel message to many people. Bless our minister Lord, who so faithfully prepares the message from Your Word to bring to us week by week. Bless those who minister by Word and Sacrament, Lord.


You have gathered us together in this place Lord, where we can join in worship together with others. We look to You Lord, for Your will to be revealed to us, and assist us to serve You to the best of our ability. This place has been set aside as a place of worship, and we rejoice over all the people who attend and the many who take part in the activities that are provided. Bless this place of worship, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

We thank You Lord God for the men and women who have stepped forward to serve You where You have placed them. There are many activities that encourage the members of the church to grow in their relationship with You and we thank You for the people who have offered their services in assisting in whatever way they can. You call them Lord, to serve You in different activities and give them the talents required to make a success of the work they do. Bless all our leaders, Lord, we pray!

South Africa

We thank You Lord, for the rain that has quenched the dry earth, and we pray that the farmers will be able to plant crops. We pray for Your blessing for all who work to produce food for the people of our land. Enable crops to grow and flourish this season, Lord. We thank You for all that You give us, for Your loving care for the people of our land. Bless too, Lord, all those who write exams at this time of the year. May they be successful in all the hard work they have put in so that they can grow in knowledge. Bless all our people!

The Needy

Lord, bless all who is in need this day. Many are facing illness, or other hardship and we pray for Your hand of blessing to touch them at their point of deepest need. Help and heal all who come to You, Lord. Thank You for Your loving concern!

Monday 18th November               Ephesians 3: 14 - 19

God’s Love!We fall to our knees in the Presence of Almighty God to bring Him Glory and Honour, Praise and Adoration. He is a loving God, eager to bless us and welcome us into His Presence. He gives us strength through His Holy Spirit so that our faith and trust in Him is rooted in love. God’s love is more than we can imagine. We feel that love and it impacts our lives and brings us a desire to love like He does. As we open our hearts to welcome God, He fills us to overflowing with His love. Our view of God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit changes and we desire to worship with all that is in us. We have faith and trust in our Lord and our God and that faith fills our hearts and minds and intensifies our focus on His truth and love. Through His Power and Might our lives are changed. We worship God with every iota of our being. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Jesus, our loving Lord, and Holy Spirit. Truly God is worthy and loves us enormously. Give thanks for the love of God!

Tuesday 19th November                Matthew 14: 17 - 20

Multiplication!The feeding of the 5000 with 5 small loaves and 2 fish was a miracle of multiplication. Jesus took what was available, gave thanks for the supply and then ordered His disciples to share it with everyone. God continues to do the miracle of multiplication with many people and in many different ways. He takes the talents He has given and through our willingness to be used by Him enables us to do far more than we ever thought could be achieved. All we need to is to offer ourselves for Jesus’ work. As we begin some task for Him He enables us to exceed our expectations. We cannot take the glory for what is achieved, it all belongs to God. Offer yourself to God’s service. He will use you for His Glory and you will rejoice over the joy that comes through service for the Lord. Praise God for His multiple blessings to those who seek to serve Him. He is generous, good and loving!

Wednesday 20th November          1 John 4: 13 - 21

Union!We live in union with God, our Father, and His Son, Jesus! We have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and this relationship has brought a richness to us that we previously did not have. This union with our Lord and our God is made perfect in us so that we may have courage through our relationship with Christ. Our union with Jesus brings another blessing as well – He has given us His Spirit who works in our lives to draw us closer to God Almighty. God fills us with His love, which enables us to be like His Son, Jesus, and to be loving and caring towards all people. We love because we are loved. God first loved us. He created us in love. He maintains us in love. He encourages us in love. With God’s love in our hearts we can do no other but love others as He does. Praise God, whose love has made us acceptable in every way. Love one another as God loves us!

Thursday 21st November             1 Peter 2: 3

God is kind!Have you found out for yourself how kind God is? Search your heart. Think on how He has guided and protected you day by day. His hand is upon His children and He watches over us all, to ensure our safety. He surrounds us with good things. He does not turn away from us, but watches over us like a loving Father. He guides our feet on safe paths. He teaches us to be kind and caring, even as He is kind and caring. There is not one moment that He is not aware of where we are and what we are doing. He helps us overcome difficult times and guides us to safety. There is none like our God! He is Almighty, seated high in heaven, and yet is also with us, His sons and daughters, guiding and teaching us day by day. Give thanks to God Almighty for His loving kindness and His constant loving care of us, His children. Thank You, Father God, for Your kindness!                                      

Friday 22nd November         Matthew 17: 20 - 21

How big is your faith?  Everyone has faith in someone or something! What have you faith in? How deeply do you believe in God and His Son, Jesus? We may say, “I believe in Jesus as the Son of God, my Saviour and Redeemer” but is your faith deep enough to move mountains? Jesus’ faith was enough to raise Jairus’ daughter from death. Also He commanded Lazarus to come forth from the tomb! Jesus tells us that we need only have faith as big as a mustard seed to be able to move mountains, yet we are not able to do so. How can we grow our faith? Can we take our eyes off the world and put them fully on Jesus, our Lord? Can we trust Him in the worst situation we have to face, that He will bring us safely through? We need greater faith! Let us trust in our Lord and our God, that He can use our faith to move mountains. Our faith and trust is in You, Lord, above all else.

Saturday 23rd November              1 John 1: 8 - 9

All have sinned!   We all sin! We cannot escape this fact. We may think ourselves pure and holy but this is not so. Only one has ever been perfect and never committed any sin. That is Jesus! He was tempted as we are, but did not succumb. He remained pure and holy all His life. We need to acknowledge the impurity that is in us. We realize that sin is ever before us and just as we think we have won against Satan’s wiles, so we fall and fail. Yet we have a loving and forgiving God who is willing to forgive us if we come before Him in repentance. Don’t live berating yourself all day long. Turn from your sin, seek our Lord’s forgiveness. Repent and accept that God will purify you once more. Don’t let the mistake keep you from coming back to the Lord. Re-establish your relationship with the Lord as soon as possible. Jesus forgives - Jesus changes – Jesus restores. Praise The Lord for His forgiveness!

Sunday 24th November                

Praise the Lord, o my soul! Praise His holy Name. Blessed is our Lord and our God, who cares for us in such wonderful ways. We praise and thank You, Lord, and come to bow before You and worship You. You care for us in so many wonderful ways, and guide our footsteps so that we walk the path that You desire for our lives. We come, Lord, seeking Your will and way for our lives, so that we can do what You have prepared for us. We belong to You O Lord, and offer our lives once more, asking that we do as You desire in all our living. Help us to serve You, to worship You, and to give You honour in all things. You are our Lord and our God, and we love to spend time in Your presence, in praise and adoration of You and Your loving kindness. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, His Son, our Saviour God, and the blessed Holy Spirit. Thank You for all that You do to keep us safe, Lord. Praise Your Holy Name! Hallelujah!

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