So I become all things to all people, that I might save some of them by whatever means are possible.

1 Corinthians 9 : 22b


Our Ministers

Lord God, You have chosen men and women to be in charge of Your church. We give You thanks for the faithfulness they show and their generosity of spirit in helping those in need. Bless all those who lead the church we attend, and thank You for their faithfulness in reaching out to all who are in need. We pray for Your inspiration and blessing for each one who serves You so faithfully, obedient to Your call to love all men as Jesus taught.


Bless us as we gather together week by week, to hear Your message preached, to attend weekly meetings, to share of the bounty You have given us with those who are less fortunate. You have called us to worship here, and we sing out in praise of Your Name. You are our Lord and our God, and we worship and honour You. You have established Your church here, and we thank You for those who come and so faithfully worship and serve You in this place.

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord for the men and women whom You have chosen to be leaders among us. They serve so faithfully, helping wherever there is a need. Thank You for those who serve with the children’s ministries, and with the youth as well. Thank You for those who lead life groups, or organize women’s meetings, and for faithful provision of food and drink at these meetings. You have gifted so many and encouraged them to take part in servicing You where You have placed them. Bless each leader, Lord, we pray!

South Africa

We bring our land and people to You this day, dear Lord. Schools are closing and people are planning holidays. Take care of all who travel on the busy roads, and bring them back safely at the end of their holidays. We pray for rain at this time of the year. May rain fall all across our land, and saturate the ground so that crops can be planted and raised to full growth. We pray for Your blessing on our people, all across our land, that they may travel to their destinations and return in the New year. We pray for your blessing on all who celebrate Christ’s birth and give thanks to You for His life, His works and His love for all people.

The Needy

Bless all those in need this day, O Lord. May are suffering from ill-health and we pray for Your healing, comforting touch upon those we name before You now. Thank You for Your loving care, O Lord, our God!

Monday 2nd December               Revelation 4: 10 - 11

Worship the Lord!When we reach heaven one day we will rejoice and be glad. We will join the heavenly host in worshipping our beloved God. We will sing songs of praise to Him. We will come into His presence to revere and honour Him. What a privilege we have been given, that we can worship our God while still on earth. Let us raise our hearts and voices in adoration of our Lord and King. Only He is worthy of the highest praise. Only He is deserving of all our loving attention. We will join with the angels in bringing praise to God Almighty and to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. We will dwell in the presence of the Most High, singing songs of His Glory and Majesty. Our worship of God here on earth is preparation for our time of worship in heaven. Praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Blessed is the Name of our God. We love, honour and worship You, Lord!

Tuesday 3rd December                 Ephesians 2: 20 - 22

Cornerstone!Jesus is the cornerstone of the building where God resides through His Spirit. We are being built into the walls of this building, which will bring glory to God Almighty. Are we faithful in living as Jesus wants us to? Are we doing all we can to promote our Lord to others and to help them to be the stones that God can use in building this Temple? The foundation was built by the Apostles, but every believer since has had a part in building it. Are you living up to the promise that God invested in you? Do you play your part in extending God’s Kingdom? The glorious Temple will stand forever to honour God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a true blessing to join with others believers in constructing this place to honour our God. Are you a building block in the Temple of our Lord?

Wednesday 4th December          John 7: 16 - 18

God’s Authority!If you desire to do work for the God and have a clear idea just what that work is to be, then certainly you have heard from God and are under His authority. He defines the work He wants you to do and encourages you to do it. Although at first it may not be totally clear, as you step out and begin to do that task you will soon find that God is blessing what you are doing. All God requires is obedience. He opens doors and enables you to succeed where you would never have thought possible. To God be the Glory. He is able to do more than we can imagine or hope for. He is a miracle working God. Put yourself in the Hands of our loving Lord and step out boldly to do what He has instructed. You will look back on your achievements in years to come and give honour to God for the work that has been done in His authority. Praise our Lord and our God!

Thursday 5th December             1 Thessalonians 2: 4 - 12

Trustworthy!We are blessed for God has judged us and pronounced us trustworthy to spread the Good News. As we live as Christ’s own we grow in knowledge and understanding of our Lord’s Grace and Love, and have shared these qualities with other believers. God has called us to this task and encourages us day by day to live as Christ’s own. We live the kind of life that pleases God, one of faithful service to the task He has given us to do. As we share the message of Jesus and His love with others we are bringing God Himself into our conversations. God teaches us what he wants us to bring to others, always encouraging us to speak with love and conviction. We work day by day, living faithfully as Christ’s own and sharing the message of Good News as God stirs in our hearts. Give thanks to our Lord and our God that we are entrusted with the Good News and required to share the message with others!                                                                            

Friday 6th December         Psalm 51: 1 - 13

Mercy!  We are always conscious that we don’t always follow God’s way. We are wilful in thought, word and deed, and follow ways that are contrary to God’s desire for our lives. We come before our Lord seeking His face and confessing all our faults and lack of doing as He requires. God has specific rules and laws for us and we need to understand just what he requires. As we come and confess our sinful condition with a contrite heart, he is ready to hear our prayers, our confession, and remorse and forgive us our sins and purify our hearts once more. He is ready to be merciful to the repentant sinner, to put a pure heart in us and remove the sin from our lives. He welcomes us into His presence and gives us a new and loyal spirit. We praise our merciful and loving God who restores us into a right relationship with Himself.

Saturday 7th December              Psalm 41: 3

God restores!   If we love our Lord we will trust Him throughout our lives. Whether in sickness or in health, poverty or wealth, we look to our Lord for comfort and restoration. God knows our needs. When we feel weak and unable to do as we usually do He is ready to help us and restore our health. There may be days when we are not so strong, but they too will pass and we will go forward in the hands of our strong and reliable God. He watches over those He loves and takes care of them through thick and thin. God is constant in His loving care. As we turn to Him in our time of need He is generous, loving and kind and restores us to full health once more. We worship, honour and bring glory to our Lord and our God. Blessed Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, thank You for Your constant love and care. May Your Name be glorified by those who love You. Praise the Lord O my soul!!

Sunday 8th December                

We worship You, Almighty God that is what we want to do. We give You praise, for You are our righteousness. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. We come seeking You, O Lord, to bring You our prayers and promises, desiring to hear From You. Guide us in our living as Your own, Lord, and enable us to love all people as You do. We reach out to love others, as You have commanded us, and hear Your words of praise, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” with pride. We would honour You in everything we do, Lord. May we be loving, kind and caring towards all people, especially to those who are in need this day? Watch over us and take care of us Lord, and we enter into the time of rest and relaxation. We praise and thank You for Your constant loving care of all of Your Creation. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His righteousness. Hallelujah!!

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