Sing to the Lord, all the world! Worship the Lord with joy; come before Him with happy songs!! (Psalm 100: 1 – 2)


The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me, because I keep telling it that its ways are bad. John 7 : 7


Our Ministers

Lord, watch over and care for those You have called into full-time ministry. Bless each one as they spend many hours in prayer and study, so as to bring Your message to the people under their care. Teach and instruct them in Your will and way, Lord, and enable them to endure throughout the trials that they have to face throughout their lives. Bless the message they bring to us, Lord, and may the work of their hands be fruitful unto Your Glory. Thank You for these men and women who give their whole lives to serve as You desire.


We thank You that we can gather together in Your Name, to worship and praise and share the experiences You have given us. You help us grow in knowledge of Your will and Your Word, and enable us to share that message with others. May we live to bring You honour through our lives and service as we bring Word of Jesus Christ to many others.

Church Leaders

Bless those You have appointed as leaders in the church Lord. You have given them talents and ability, and called them to use those in service for You. As they lead in a particular field may they bring Your Word to many and encourage folk to be faithful in thought, word and deed to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Bless all the activities that take place in the local church, dear Lord. Thank You!

South Africa

God, bless South Africa and all her people, we pray. We thank You for the rain that has fallen and soaked the fields so that farmers can prepare the land for crops. We thank You too for the leaders in the towns and cities across South Africa, that they may be dedicated in service for the betterment of facilities for the people of our land. We pray for those in government, that they may work harmoniously together in planning and establishing places and events for our people. God, bless us we pray!

The Needy

We bring our people to You now, O Lord, asking for Your help and healing for those who are in such need this day. You know all things Lord, and love and care for us. Bless and help those we name before You now. Thank You, Lord!


Monday 17th February              Psalm 57 1 - 3

Call to the Lord! Whenever you are downcast, call to the Lord. God hears your every word. Call out to Him in your hour of need. Tell Him of your troubles, your anxieties and your heart-ache. He understands. God, who hears from heaven, knows what you need. He knows that above all elseyou need to know His loving touch and His words of love. Call to the Lord. Seek Him in your troubled moments. All that you are is of importance to our Father. His love reaches out in your time of need and brings His peace into the situation. No matter what you are facing God knows and comes to comfort you. Trust in the Lord! Tell Him of your troubles and seek His will. He will surround you with His loving presence and restore peace to your soul. God is our safety net. Come to Him, seek His presence and rest in His loving arms. God hears us in our hour of need. Thank You, Lord!

Tuesday 18th February                 Zechariah 4: 6 - 10

The Spirit of the Lord! We cannot succeed in anything we put our hand to unless the Lord gives us the ability. If we go forth to do the Lord’s work He is with us every step of the way. He tells us, “You will succeed, not by might, or strength, but by My Spirit!” Rely on the Spirit of God to help you in the task you do for Him. Do not falter in what you have been appointed to do. Make progress. Do not dally or delay, but, seeking the Lord’s favour, get on with the task at hand. God want us to continue with the task till He tells us to stop. It may be your life’s work and God will inspire you day by day to work to its completion. Give thanks to our Lord and our God who gives us the desire to serve Him to the best of our ability. He is with us always, through good times and bad, for He never leaves us alone. Praise God for His trust in our ability to work for Him at the specific task.

Wednesday 19th February         John 14: 1 - 7

Jesus is the way! Jesus came to teach us the way God wants us to live. He tells us that He is the way, the truth and the life that God our Father wants us to know. As we study the life and words and work of Jesus we come to realize that He gave us the perfect example to follow. He was faithful in every way to God, obeying God’s will in the smallest detail. We need to take the truth of His life into ourselves and begin to live as He has shown us. Jesus was faithful to God, our Father, in every moment and instance of His life. He sought God every day, for guidance and direction for the task ahead. Jesus’ words have been written so that we have lessons for our lives as His followers. Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the words and works of our Lord and Saviour. Give thanks to God for the teachings of Jesus for all mankind!

Thursday 20th February             John 14: 12 - 14

Jesus’ Promise! Jesus promised that whatever we ask for in His Name, He will do. This will be done so that the Father’s Glory will be shown through the Son. Jesus also said that those who believe in Him will do what He does and even greater things as well. We know that Jesus has both power and ability to do whatever is required and He enables those who believe in Him to do so as well. He gives us an open promise, “If you ask for anything in My Name, I will do it!” This is an awesome promise. We pray to Jesus on behalf of a sick child, trusting that He will honour His promise – and He does. The child is healed! We ask Jesus to cure cancer in a loved one and He hears our prayer and does as we ask. We come to our Lord in times of need, crying out for His help, and He does not withhold it. Ask, in Jesus’ Name! He hears our prayers and helps and heals. Praise the Name of our Lord – Jesus Christ!

 Friday 21st February         Psalm 101: 1 - 8

Loyalty!  Loyalty to our Lord and our God is highly praised. Loyalty encompasses many emotions – purity, truth, honesty, humility, faithfulness, justice! God prizes these qualities as His own. Do you strive to live an honest, upright and loyal life, seeking to please God in every way? We have the greatest example to follow, our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is perfect in every way and teaches us to live as His own, following His example of honouring God our Father in all our living. As we turn away from the dishonest dealing of evil people we will desire to be faithful to our Lord and our God in thought, word and deed. God’s love for His Creation calls out to the love He has placed in our hearts, love that enables us to live lives that are pleasing to Him. Praise God for the stirring of love in our hearts that brings us to worship and honour Him in all our living!

Saturday 22nd February              Psalm 51: 1 – 19 (3)

Faults!   When we come before our Lord in prayer and supplication, we are aware of His greatness and our sinfulness. God is Holy, above all, and totally free from sin, whether thought, word or deed. We humans are a sinful lot, far more inclined to think ourselves pure than to recognize our sinfulness. Yet there are days when God requires us to address our sinful nature and acknowledge that we cannot manage our lives without help and guidance from our Lord and our God. Often we are not aware of the sin we have done, but then God comes and touches our hearts. We confess that we have lived far from the example God gave us in Jesus, and have sinned with no thought of how our behaviour hurts our God. Come to the Lord! Confess your sinful condition and accept His forgiveness and His cleansing touch. Give thanks for our gracious, loving Lord, who wants to bring us back, whole and cleansed, into His presence!

Sunday 23rd February                

We worship You Almighty God! That is what we want to do. We bring You praise, for You are our righteousness. Bless, honour and praise belong to You. We come Lord, seeking You to worship and honour You. You call us out of our daily tasks to set time aside to come into Your presence. As we come Lord, we bow before You, offering our lives to You for Your will and way to be fulfilled in us. Teach us Lord, how to love one another as You love us. Teach us too Lord, of obedience to Your will and way for our lives. May we honour You by living with love in our hearts, reaching out to help others grow in knowledge of You and of Your loving kindness. Blessed God, Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we worship and praise You now and forever more. Holy is Your Name, we honour You! We raise You high. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless His Holy Name! Hallelujah!

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