The Right bed

BedChoosing the right bed for you

Your uniqueness is what sets you apart as an individual, and that also rings true when it comes to where you lay your head to rest every evening. Linda Breedt from leading mattress and base set retailers, Sleepmasters, believes that it’s essential to choose a mattress or base set that suits your personal physical requirements so that you can get the best night’s sleep possible.

“In much the same way as a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to your overall wellbeing, so too is a good night’s sleep,” nods Linda. She believes that a bed that is chosen to suit your individual requirements can help transform your mental, emotional and physical health.

Test the waters

Purchasing a bed is a considerable investment, so it’s a decision that shouldn’t be done haphazardly. “It’s important to take the time to make an informed decision when looking to buy a new mattress or base set. For a start, begin by doing some research online to compare different prices and styles,” explains Linda, who believes you mustn’t stop there: “Don’t be tempted to buy online just for sake of convenience without trying out the bed in person, as this will cost you in the long run.”

It is essential to physically test different base sets by actually lying on them, and trying each one out for around 10 minutes in your various sleeping positions so that you can get a more accurate feeling of what it would be like to sleep though the night on them. Says Linda: “I always advise customers to put on some comfy clothes and easy-to-remove shoes when they go bed shopping. Then they can head down to a trusted retailer, such as Sleepmasters for example, so that they can try out and choose from a wide selection of quality affordable products and get great service.”

Six easy steps to a better night’s sleep

“Buying a base set can be a daunting task to say the least, especially when you consider that you will have to live with your decision for around 10 years,” explains Linda. Follow this five-step process for selecting the perfect base set:

Test your comfort level.
It is virtually impossible to decide whether you would prefer your bed to be firm, gentle or plush without testing a few beds out first and comparing them.

Follow your colour and find the right bed for you
Once you’ve discovered your preferred comfort level by testing the three beds in the Comfort Zone, it is time to find the right bed. Different brands have different pros and cons, and each of them have their own warrantees.

Choose your size.
Next up, select the bed size that fits your particular needs and your budget. A single bed measures 92cm wide, and is suitable for one adult or child. A double bed measures 137cm wide, and is suitable for two people of slender build or one person of large posture. A queen-size bed is 152cm wide, and is suitable for two people of regular or large posture. Last, but not least, a king-size bed measures 182cm wide, and can accommodate two people of any size in utter comfort. “A king-size bed is the ultimate in luxury, providing couples with ample personal sleeping space,” points out Linda. Remember that if you are particularly tall, you can order any of the above-mentioned beds with extra length to better accommodate your height.

Add your choice of accessories.
A bedroom is not just a base set – you need a number of other accessories to complete your perfect sleep environment.

Select an easy way to pay.
Because purchasing a bed is a big investment, it is important to have a clear picture of how you are going to finance this purchase. Sometimes, you desperately need a new base set, but you don’t have the cash to pay for it upfront. In these circumstances, you can opt to pay for a new base set in installments


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