Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 16th May 2018

Every time I hear the hymn below  I think to myself how awesome it would be to be a “channel” of Gods peace. I no longer want to be a storage facility or a storage dam I want Gods love to flow through me. I don’t want to be stranded like those storage garages down Modderfontein road away from the main source. I want to be like a distribution center where stock arrives  in one end, it is rearranged, redirected and out the other end. That is what I would like to happen to Your word Lord. I don’t want your word to come in one ear and out the other but I want  Your word internalized within me and go out in word thought and deed.  I absolutely love the image Lord of You spilling from me in  life-enhancing living water.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 9th May 2018

Every picture tells a story.
When thinking about my devotion for this week I came across these two pictures.  The captions inserted are God’s desire for us, most probably the most difficult instruction to adhere to….love your enemy.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday 25th April 2018

“Lord God, thank you for nature and for sending us the variety of weathers we get. Thank you for sunshine and for rain, for wind and for cold – this mixture that works together to stimulate growth and germination. I marvel at the way it all promotes life and health. In Jesus’ name – AMEN”

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 25th April 2018

Colin’s Wise Wednesday
Recently over the Easter period I wrote an article about Easter Saturday and to my surprise when I opened my daily devotion this week the writer was discussing the Easter Saturdays in our lives. I think she expresses herself a lot better than I did so here is her account of Easter Saturday.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 11th April 2018

All of us can enjoy God’s love and His presence. But why don’t we? Is it because we feel that we can do it “my way” and do it alone in our own strength and our own wisdom? What did Moses do when he was confronted with leading the Jews on the exodus from Egypt? He knew that he could not manage 2 million people, how was he going to provide for them? What did Moses do…he prayed for help. “If Your presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here” Exodus 33:15 Putting it another way Moses preferred to go nowhere with God than anywhere without Him.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday

First picture… Where do we run?
Second picture… What is our cover?

Colin’s Wise Wednesday 28th March 2018

Below are the words of The Seekers song, a song of long ago a song that has always held a special place in my heart. On Monday I went through a heart procedure called a cryoablation. Was I worried? Can you worry and have faith at the same time? I can, maybe people will say I have not got enough faith but I do know that no matter what I go through God is with me though the results won’t always turn out the way I want them to He will be with me so that I will cope. On Monday this song kept going through my mind. I kept on repeating it as if it was to God. I hope and pray that you also find the words useful.

It’s Colin’s Wise Wednesday!

“My devotions the other morning told a story about a young child who was relating to his Dad what he learnt at Sunday school and told him that it was his favorite verse: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last the beginning and the end.” Rev 22:12-13. 

Colin’s Wise Wednesday

Colin's Wise Wednesday
inspired by Max Lucado

Colin’s Wise Wednesday


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