Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th February 2020

What do you need most?  Have you ever thought about this?  I had the answer straight away…. honestly? No but I came across a reading the other day that made me realize what I really need. Coincidence or Godincidence? Let me share it with you:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th February 2020

omrades marathon, one of my up-hills in life.
Something I read during my devotion time the other day made me think of my running days….again!!!!!! It was to do with the up-hills we all have in life. While running I was always trying to convince myself that for every uphill there must be a downhill.  By the time I got half way up Polly Shorts in the Comrades marathon (89 kilometers) my theory was dispelled.  Looking back now I think that’s how my life is, I cruise through the quiet periods without a thought and then legs aching I hit the next hill and the next.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th February 2020

Our Daily Devotion the other day made me think of the enormous task we have as believers in a world of increasingly sceptical viewpoints. The devotion told a story of a person who was teaching English in Uganda to some very inquisitive youngsters. Another teacher had read about the change of seasons and their enquiring minds wanted an explanation of “change of season”. How does one explain that to people living on the equator? Spring with the flowering trees, yes, and autumn with falling leaves, yes, they could comprehend. But winter? They couldn’t imagine being cold so how do you explain cold? To try and make them understand the teacher pointed to Lake Victoria, which was visible from the open-air classroom, and said if that was in Canada they would be able to walk on it in winter as it would ice over. With that she said she lost all credibility.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th February 2020

Prevent aging? Use “Eternal Youth Dew” by Ponds. Ever heard this ad? No… neither have I (I just made it up)! But I’m sure you have heard many ads telling you how to remain young; rid yourself of all the wrinkles and retain or regain your hair. None of them have worked for me I’m still wrinkled and my hair is falling out faster than ever. Have they worked for you? Have you noticed all the models in these ads are good looking/beautiful and I’m sure they’ve never needed any cream or hair restorer anyway!

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 29th January 2020

I’m not sure what you do in life – if you’re employed, are a ‘home executive’, a scholar or retired like me but please  “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” says Paul in Colossians.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 22nd January 2020

This morning while reading a devotion about the writer’s loving Retriever it reminded me of my adorable (I thought so, not necessarily a sentiment shared by my family!) parrot Zulu.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 15th January 2020

“I’m coming back to the heart of worship and it’s all about You. It’s all about You, Jesus. I’m sorry, Lord, for the thing I’ve made it”….the words of the chorus  The Heart of Worship

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 8th January 2020

“Dad, Gramps, Love, you have told us that before”…

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 1st January 2020

“You will never walk alone”. Welcome to 2020, new decade, a new beginning?

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 25th December 2019

Do they know it’s Christmas?
Do they know it’s Christmas in Heaven? This is the strange thought I had this morning as we attended the memorial service of my brother's mother in law. Her granddaughter from Australia had come all this way to spend Christmas with her Gran. She got here too late. Or was it too late? Gran had been battling Dementia for the last few years in a Frail Care Centre. She was now free of her frailties to celebrate Christmas singing (she had a beautiful voice) with a host of Angels singing praises to the King. An uplifting moment of hope during a somber occasion.   

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 18th December 2019

A day or so after hearing the Drakensburg Boys Choir sing we were sitting on the patio in the bush with our good friends watching the river flow by. This is rare occasion as the river only flows about once every 2 years and then only for a few days before the water disappears into the “thirsty” river bed.  As we watched the magnificent sunset with our own “sundowners” in hand the frogs started with their mating calls. As this was the first decent rain in the area this summer the frogs were in full “voice” trying to attract the opposite sex.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 11th December 2019

Does hell really exist?
A few weeks ago I asked: “Does God really exist”, now I ask the opposite question, does hell really exist? Please bear in mind that this devotion does not necessary reflect the views of HillSide Methodist Community Church.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 4th December 2019

Thrilled by Hope!!!!
Time again for reflection as we sit at home after a 2 week break that took us to the Drakensberg and you’ve guessed it to the bush. We were privileged to listen to the Drakensberg Boys Choir. Boys of all races, colours and creeds coming together as one in song and dance. The first half included many Christmas songs harmonizing as I imagine the Angels would have. Shivers ran down my spine at their rendition of ‘Oh Holy Night’:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 27th November 2019

Can you remember?
At the beginning of the year we ran a 6 week life apps course for FATHERS.  All of us raved about the course on forgiveness, confession, rest, trust and encouragement. Has it changed our lives? If we only think of them as fantastic apps and we don’t respond and apply them, was it worth our while?

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 20th November 2019

“How do I look?”
How often have you heard those words or asked them? Be honest. How much time do we spend in front of the  mirror each morning getting ready for the day ensuring that every hair is in place, mascara perfect, clothes right for the occasion and shoes polished.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th November 2019

Does God really exist?
As I sit in bed listening to the news, before we do our quiet time, I see the huge tree opposite us swaying in the wind. I often liken it to my Christian walk. I cannot see God but I can feel the effects of His presence. I often wondered how I could put this in “eloquent” words. A few months ago I came across a devotion that illustrated it beautifully.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th November 2019

Will there be enough? How often do you ask that question? I know Lyn, my wife, always asks that question when we have friends over for dinner. When we were newlyweds and bought our first house, we had to borrow money and get a bond….would we have enough money? When we had our 3rd boy I had a strange feeling…would I have enough love for all of them and Lyn? Later on in life the question arose again would we have enough money to send the boys for tertiary education and the BIG question would we have enough money when that retirement date came.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 30th October 2019

I Can Only Imagine (song written by Brat Millard); Millard found comfort in the thought and began to write it on anything he could find. Once Millard started writing the song, he estimated that it took him only about ten minutes to write the lyrics.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd October 2019

Rain, beautiful rain.
Have you ever entered the Kruger National Park at Crocodile Bridge and left at Orpen Gate?  We did this trip about 6 weeks ago and we had the added blessing of it raining all the way, a soft gentle soaking rain, the type of rain that the ground and vegetation was yearning for.  Two days prior to this trip we had gone into the Park, it was like a dust bowl, dust everywhere, but today rain everywhere.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 16th October 2019

Beep beep beep our Whatsapp group is abuzz with news of another intruder in our so called fortress of a boomed off area. Peace has been shattered, in the area and on our cell phones. Everyone has something to say on how to solve the problem. The most “common” advice is to change the Guards. It is their fault they must be more vigilant, must have eyes in the back of their heads. These are the same Guards that have been doing a great job for years with very little recognition but boy let something go wrong!  The same with our Committee - doing a great job for years but now all of a sudden they need all this advice.