Colin's Wise Wednesday - 10th July 2019

I hear two voices. One positive the other negative. How do I react to them? Is my response the same? Do I hear God’s voice/message in both? Let me tell you my story.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 3rd July 2019

Thanks Ron and Cam’ for your choice of songs on Sunday which gave me the idea for this devotion. Wow I have enjoyed putting it together. The one was the hymn “Breathe on Me Breath of God” that Ron preached on and “Draw me Close to You” was a chorus that Cam’ had chosen. On “playing” around with the titles one can easily intersperse the title of the hymn and the chorus and they fit perfectly (please try it).

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th June 2019

Thud! Lyn looks up from the dressing table to see what has hit the glass sliding door in our bedroom. Nothing - that’s strange. On investigating, looking through the door she sees a dove lying on the ground, jerking as if taking its last breath.  She calls me and I can tell from her voice that she is concerned and upset. I said that I couldn’t do anything.  I didn’t want to admit that I was “scared” to go and have a look. One seems so helpless in circumstances like this and my “copout” was that human presence just heightens the birds stress.  So I left it.  About an hour later I asked Lyn what she had done with the “body”. She said nothing but the “body” was gone.  The dove must have been dazed, came around and flew off. The dove had no idea why we had placed the sliding door where we did, he could not have seen it as his journey came to an abrupt halt. The glass door did its job by keeping the dove from following a path into the house, into a maze of rooms where there would be little chance of finding his way out.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th June 2019

Good morning!!!! Is it a good morning?  Are you a morning person? Don’t you find it changes over the years? During my running “career” early mornings were the norm.. The body and the mind got used to it and when visiting the bush those early morning drives were the ultimate. Much to the family’s displeasure morning drives were a must and they were too scared to lie-in in case Dad came back with all the “stories” of what he had seen. Some were just stories with the truth being told over breakfast.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th June 2019

Is seeking God only for the lost?  I had never given this question much thought but after reading the book “Note To Self” I realized that seeking God is for all of us, lost and found. Our entire life should be seen as seeking God. This is not necessary seeking for something that we do not know about or do not have already. God has already found us. Seeking God is a continual journey towards a closer relationship with Him. 

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th June 2019

 “Run Forrest run”. Not quite at Forrest Gump level but Lyn and I walk 3 times a week and the other day we tried a new route. The first part of our “journey” was great all level with a few downhill’s then came the crunch….at the end a “massive” (ha ha) uphill quite unexpected.  This reminded me of life, we go along merrily and suddenly we hit an uphill.   Are we prepared for the unexpected events in our life?  I believe a daily walk with God is the best preparation for those mountains.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 29th May 2019

Judging? Who me? But Colin you asked this question before. I know we addressed this question some time ago but I came across an interesting take on judging in a book of devotions that I am reading called “Note to Self” by Joe Thorn. One of the devotions starts off by saying that the command to “judge not” is not a call to stop honest evaluations about others but to cease the hypercritical and condemning attitude that characterizes some of our thoughts, words and actions.


Following our recent Fundraiser (16th May) with Game Ranger and Wild Life Photographer, Chad Cocking, we have the added blessing of being able to sell this beautiful zebra print.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 22nd May 2019

“I’m drinking from my saucer ‘cause my cup has overflowed”. While listening to a CD this morning before sitting down to do Wednesday’s devotion I heard this song and it came to me that I should share this song, so here it is as our devotion. Hope and pray that it will resonate within you like it did with me this morning.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 15th May 2019

Sitting back home in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg looking at my son’s pictures of his life in the Limpopo bush, a life of game ranging and photography, I’m once again struck by how amazing God’s creation is. I think back on all those sunrises and sunsets, those electric storms in the bush that set the plains alight as they illuminate the sky.  The sound of the distant rumbles as the thunder drones on and on. The flowers that appear from nowhere soon after the first rains transform the countryside into something spectacular. The cosmos that are now in full bloom. The mushrooms that appear out of elephant dung after the rain are so amazing.  Can you feel God’s presence in all of these “things”?  This morning, as I looked out the window, I once again had the white browed robin hopping around seeking the early worm to remind me of God’s presence. 

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 8th May 2019

Fifty Shades of Green describes our small garden.  Lyn and I went to the nursery last Wednesday to buy some seedlings for the hanging baskets. We bought a lot of pansies and as our garden consists mainly of two colours - white and 50 shades of green and seeing that you don’t get green pansies (really!!!!) Lyn agreed that we could get red and obviously white.  Yesterday “heavy laden” with potting soil and trays of pansies I started the process of planting.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 1st May 2019

How can you and I become part of the Easter story? This is the question that I’ve asking myself since the events of Easter Sunday.  We didn’t see the sun rise on Easter Sunday at Umhlanga - the sky was heavy laden with the threat of a pending storm, a devastating storm that would cause death and destruction. The good news is that the Son did rise to give us hope in the midst of the storms of life.

Colin & Lyn's Wise Wednesday - 24th April 2019

They say Easter “has come and gone”. NO!  Can Easter ever go? NO! Easter can never go. I just pray that the events of Easter linger in our lives for eternity.


Holy week is upon us. A time of deep reflection. What I would like to do this week is to share with you part of my talk/sharing I did last night at Hillside. To say I was nervous is an understatement.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 10th April 2019

Here we are 10 days before Good Friday, how has your lent journey been?

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 3rd April 2019

The sun is about to set in the bush. We drive around in search of the best advantage point to see what promises to be an awesome spectacle with a few clouds on the horizon that normally add to the scene. We arrive just in time. I reach for the camera, the focus icon blinks red the camera won’t focus, the zoom goes in and out. I get exasperated. I put the camera down and then realize what I am really missing. There in front of me is a horizon full of the various shades of red and gold, a cloud with a silver lining, a stillness that amplifies the beauty that fills my vision. This is for me alone and it’s only for right now. I try etch these details in my memory bank. One cannot adequately describe the beauty of an African sunset.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 27th March 2019

This morning we decided to do our quiet time on the patio with a cup of coffee and a rusk, who can have an early morning coffee without a rusk while in the bush? Our patio is pretty secluded on the banks of a normally dry river bed, with the river bed in front and trees all around.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 20th March 2019

Is that the alarm already? No it’s not an electronic alarm because here in the bush it's a harsh “kwali, KWALI, Kwali” of the Natal Francolin (now called the Spur Fowl) that wakes me up. What’s worse is when he makes a raucous, to put it mildly, cackling sound when he becomes alarmed. I think that is the sound I heard. I breathe deeply and sigh, time to get up I can sleep another time.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th March 2019

The day after I posted last week’s devotion about lent and what we would be giving up or taking on to get closer to God I came across this quote during our cell group Lent Bible Study;  The Final Weeks:

Colin's Wise "Ash" Wednesday - 6th March 2019

Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, begins the start of Lent. A period that we use to get closer to God, a period to renew our reliance on God. The tradition is that you give up or take on something. I do not give up coffee, or chocolate or red wine, I give up scratching my itchy skin (which is as result of my meds).  “So how will that help you get closer to God.. Colin” I hear you ask. I make a pledge that every time I feel the urge to scratch instead of scratching I think of God. It really works and wow I think of God often during Lent!   Scratching how bad can that be? I have tried everything to stop, have even been to a hypnotist for treatment but I can only control it during Lent. It may be unconventional but God uses all means to draw us closer to Him.