Colin's devotion: Finding Gods comfort.

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Last week I had to go for "investigation/procedure" to find out why I was having internal bleeding. The Specialist commented that "just in case" he would have a Surgeon on standby. Was I afraid/anxious??? Definitely. My faith was being tested. My wife was in the car waiting for me as I gathered what I needed for my stay in hospital. As I was going out to the car I got the feeling that God had something to say to me, so I "popped" into the lounge and I opened the new huge Bible that I got for my 70th birthday recently that was on the coffee table. On randomly opening Bible I read "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord". Jeremiah 30:17.
Wow!!!!!!!!!! God was with me why did I ever doubt it. The procedure revealed what the problem was and fortunately the Surgeon had no cutting to do. The "wound" was found and the necessary treatment was given for Gods healing power to continue.

Let us pray: What an awesome God we serve. Almighty God, thank You for answered prayers. Forgive me for letting my faith wavier but thank You for reassuring me of Your constant presence. Thanks for comforting me as "as a mother comforts her child". Glory be to God. In Jesus name we pray with much love and much thanksgiving. Amen

God Bless


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