Colin’s Wise Wednesday

cwwwildogsColin's Wise Wednesday
inspired by Max Lucado

28th Feb 2018

Have you ever seen Jesus anxious? Do you think that He has ever been anxious? We have seen Jesus smile we have seen him weeping we have seen Him stern but agonized?

Look at Gethsemane, Jesus was more than anxious He was afraid. His cheeks were streaked with tears, His Face flooded in sweat and rivulets of blood on his brow. But you know what He did not cover it up He told us about it. We tend to do the opposite, especially us men, we cover up our fears and keep our sweaty palms in our pockets and our nausea and dry mouths a secret. Not so with Jesus we see no mask of strength but we do hear a cry for strength....asking His Father if He is willing to take away His suffering.

We are currently doing a series at FATHERS, our men's ministry, where we as men are encouraged to discuss specific sensitive topics in small groups that we normally would not share. What an opportunity we have to express our concerns, to open up to likeminded people without being judged.

Where do you go to share your fears? What would Jesus do? (Do you remember those bracelets that we used to have with those words? Some still wear them as a constant reminder) Jesus could have confided in His disciples, He could have confided in His mother or assembled a prayer meeting. But no, the first one to hear His fear was His Father, our Father.

How did Jesus endure the horror of the crucifixion? He went first to the Father with His tears and fears. Let's do the same lets open our heart to God. What are our fears or troubles at this moment, have we got temptations? Whatever they may be let's "Take them to the Lord in prayer". After praying and if you want to share further ask God and He will lead us to a trusted friend where we can share open and honestly what you have taken to the Lord.

Let's pray: In our own strength Lord we are nothing but with You by our side we can be become whatever You want us to be. Please God be our constant companion through our time here on earth and please place people in our lives that we can share Your love with. Please God let's make this a joint venture with You by our side. What a journey to look forward to and what an awesome God we serve. Amen

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