It’s Colin’s Wise Wednesday!

“My devotions the other morning told a story about a young child who was relating to his Dad what he learnt at Sunday school and told him that it was his favorite verse: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last the beginning and the end.” Rev 22:12-13. 

Why Dad asked, “It is just so big” the child said. As they carried on walking Dad made a speech about how Jesus had come and would come back again and at this time of the year we remember His death on the cross and at the same time contemplating His pending return.

The child walked in silence for a while and then said, “But He is here now and He is everything and everywhere. The Alpha the Omega - the beginning and the end.”

“Yes exactly”  said Dad.

Jesus is here now, the beginning and the end and Dad was left wondering why he did not put it that way.

Let’s pray: Almighty God we await Your coming like we await the arrival of a best friend who is already here. Thanks for being with us all the way and all day, please God be our best friend. Amen

Thoughts to ponder about best friends:

Although we don’t see our best friend all the time we know they are around….Same with God

We can call them , they may not answer straight away but we know that they will call us back…..Same with God, Gods timing is perfect

When we need someone to talk to, they will be there….Same with God, God is available 24/7

Sometimes our best friend can let us down….. God won’t!”

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