Colin’s Wise Wednesday 28th March 2018

Below are the words of The Seekers song, a song of long ago a song that has always held a special place in my heart. On Monday I went through a heart procedure called a cryoablation. Was I worried? Can you worry and have faith at the same time? I can, maybe people will say I have not got enough faith but I do know that no matter what I go through God is with me though the results won’t always turn out the way I want them to He will be with me so that I will cope. On Monday this song kept going through my mind. I kept on repeating it as if it was to God. I hope and pray that you also find the words useful.

Walk with me through the long and lonely night
Walk with me and my world is filled with light
Here I stand feeling lost and so alone
Take my hand don't desert me now
Please don't hurt me now
If you walk with me though' I know the road is long
I'll get by with your love to make me strong
More by far than a guiding star above
I long for you
Walk with me oh my love.

Somewhere the sunbirds fly
In a clear blue sky
Only you and I there together
Love me now and for ever

Can I be naive enough to suggest these words...
“Here I stand feeling lost and so alone
Take my hand don't desert me now
Please don’t hurt me now”

....... were the words that Jesus was thinking on Good Friday?

He was deserted by His disciples, He was betrayed by Judas and He was denied by Peter. The desertion betrayal and denial must have hurt Jesus even more than the physical torture. Have we denied betrayed or deserted Jesus today, during Holy week?? No never! But have we stood back while people use Jesus’ name in vain, have we got involved in backbiting and not protected people in their absence, did we use office time to make long private telephone calls or make private photocopies? Are our debts overdue, never thought of this as a sin before but have we got the right to not meet payment obligations when they are due?

Let us pray: Although our road is often long and lonely we pray that you will walk with us and fill it with light. Please God take us by the hand and never let us go. Help us to realize especially at Easter time that You have been through more that we could ever imagine, and You know what we are going through and you will never desert us although we desert you time and time again. Oh how I love You Amen


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