Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 25th April 2018

Colin’s Wise Wednesday

Recently over the Easter period I wrote an article about Easter Saturday and to my surprise when I opened my daily devotion this week the writer was discussing the Easter Saturdays in our lives. I think she expresses herself a lot better than I did so here is her account of Easter Saturday.

A bit of background to the situation:  The author and her husband were accommodating a family wanting to start up a business in their country.  It was strenuous work with the husband or wife having to do a lot of travelling and some day’s things looked good but on others it looked very bleak.  

Recently the wife had been away for a lengthy time. My husband and I sensing Ryan missing his wife invited him out for lunch.  I started counseling Ryan as soon as we had settled down. ‘ I think you are in something I call the Saturday Place.  Between Friday’s Crucifixion and His Sunday Resurrection, Jesus’ followers waited in uncertainty and in hiding.  Saturday Places are difficult they ask us to trust God when the answer has not yet materialized. But then comes Sunday…..and a risen Jesus appears in the disciples midst. A whole new story.

‘This really encourages me,’  Ryan responds.

The author closes by saying…Silently I thank God for my Saturday Places that allow me to build up the faith of another.

Let’s pray: Almighty God from Friday…to Saturday…to Sunday…You promise never to leave us, never to fail us, never to forsake us. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanks giving Amen.   

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