Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd May 2018

A couple of years ago I officially decided to stop saying that I was still running every week because increasingly I wasn’t. After a lifetime of running which included Comrades, Two Oceans, cross-country and road running my body called it a day and I now I mostly walk. Not infrequently I stop altogether to examine birds, another one of my passions. I often used to keep a tally of how many different species I saw during a walk. During my running career a stop or a walk was a definite “no-no”.

The older I get the slower I get.  This was clearly illustrated when a homeless person that I greeted while I on my run said “enjoy your WALK!”.  I have taken his advice and I have walked ever since.  Besides getting slower I also realized that I was getting more alert and aware of my surrounds and without planning to I started to identify bird calls around me and acknowledged their presence before I even saw them. The one park that I used to run past houses a flock of Spotted Dikkop’s (not very common in the city) that I was oblivious to before I slowed down.

My hope and prayer for the coming seasons as my life slows down even more as it inevitably will, and gets quieter, is that I will hear and become more aware of God’s call speaking His presence into my days.

Let’s pray: Please Almighty God help me to slow down and listen, help me to know You are near and to realize that I will always find protection under your wings.  Amen


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