Colin's Wise Wednesday - 30th May 2018

Last week we reflected on recognizing Gods call. I have included Chad’s picture of the bird calling as it is again appropriate to God’s message today.

In my devotion this week I came across the story of a lady who woke up to an unseasonal cold snap and to make matters worse the central heating had been switched off. She just could not get warm and this brought back childhood memories of her walking to school shivering and having a bedroom upstairs with no heating. She opened the curtains which made matters worse. In front of her was a bleak overcast morning. Even her thoughts were now chilled.

The phone rings which interrupts all her negative thoughts. It was her friend asking her to come over to pick rhubarb, they were now ready and her friend wanted her to have the first batch. On her way she remembers her and her dad doing the same thing, her thoughts change to more positive things. Back home she starts making rhubarb pie, the aroma once again brings back more fond memories and the oven warmed up the cold kitchen. Her heart’s weather has turned around.

Was that not Gods call?  Was God not using her friend to awaken positive thoughts in her?  I firmly believe so.  How does God call you? God uses so many different ways to communicate. I would love a burning bush or a talking donkey to talk to me but I have not had either. Instead He uses His word and other people to be His voice in my life.

I will never forget when I ran my first Comrades I went for a slow relaxing jog the day before leaving for the race in Durban. Instead of coming home relaxed I came back with blood running down my leg and even more tears running down my cheeks. I had been bitten by a dog. After returning from the Doctor I fell down on my knees. I needed help, my dreams were fading fast. As I knelt I “grabbed” my Bible that I kept next to the bed and opened it randomly. The verse it opened on was Isa 40:31 “But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on the wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak” Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may not have been a burning bush or a talking donkey but what a clear message. I forgot to mention that besides the tears and the blood I knew that I had not done enough training for 90km. But soaring on the wings of an eagle does not require training (ha ha)

My run (with God) was awesome. His promise in the scripture was fulfilled beyond my expectation.  But the one thing that the passage did not mention was the after effects of 90km without proper training, boy did I suffer.

Let us pray. Lord I love how You use small things to show Your greatness. Thank You for the way that You use us mere mortals to be Your hands and feet here on earth as You work in our lives and through us in the lives of others. Amen

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