Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th June 2018

As I said a few weeks ago birds are one of my passions. When we moved into our current house 15 years ago one of the first things that we looked for was a place forour bird feeder and bird bath/drinking spot.( Aren’t we glad that we don’t have to drink the water we bath in!)  We were eager to see what birds would “pop in” for a meal and a drink. We had masked-weaver males fighting for their territory and the Indian Mynahs chasing the more placid birds like Cape white eye and the Redheaded finches. We had cut the perches short so that the doves could not stand on the perch, it was their job to clear the ground as they ate all the food that the smaller birds had messed. Our plan works very well. The other birds that we have around are the Cape Robin the Olive Thrush and the bigger birds like the Grey Lourie and our daily wakeup call the Hadida. We are truly blessed having God’s creatures all around us.

The birds that keep us entertained the most in our garden are the house sparrows. There are many of them. We have entire families as they have made “home” in many of our trees. One can only distinguish between the males and females, that is where it stops. Otherwise they are drab in their gray and brown dress. They often come for food and drinks during the day with the “kids” tweeting like crazy for food. 

These sparrows have value in God’s sight and in mine. Daily they remind me of a God whose love and care for the smallest of creatures includes life and death, and whose love and care for us is endless, compassionate, and far beyond our understanding.

Let’s pray: Almighty God let us learn from the birds to rest and to trust in You. God as you promised not one of them will fall to the ground without You knowing about it already.Please God wrap Your compassionate arms around us and please hold us tight as we hang onto Your every promise.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.