Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th June 2018

It’s Wednesday again and what a privilege it is to once again share a time of devotion with you.

I was privileged to have been with my father and father in law when they passed on. Before calling a nurse I sat in silence and enjoyed the expression of peace on their faces after months of illness. When the Sister came she placed her hand on my shoulder, kept silent then left me alone.   As I mourned my father’s death I did not want to hear “he is in a better place” or “he had a good innings” or “his suffering is now over”.   I understand that all but at that time all I wanted was a hug and silence while I processed what had happened.

At the time of our cancer journeys Lyn and I were often told not to worry because someone they knew who had the same operation was now fully recovered.  We were blessed and are very grateful for all the concern people have given to us but we really appreciated a silent hug and being assured that we were being prayed for.   For us it is easier to walk the cancer path knowing that God is by your side and that people are holding you up in prayers than being assured someone else has survived what you are going through.

I have learnt through all of this that there are times when the right words and spoken prayers are important and helpful but I am also learning that often being silent and fully present with a hurting person is enough.

Let's pray. Please God help me to know when to talk and when to be silent. Please help me to always be willing to offer the same comforting support to others as Your presence gives me…. Amen.

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