Colin's Wise Wednesday - 27th June 2018

Another week, another opportunity to share with you.

My devotion a couple of weeks ago was about a young man with 4 children who had left work early because he was not feeling well. Hours later he was still not home. A police officer found his car still running parked in the yellow lines of the highway. This young man had died.

This made me think how often during Lyn’s and my 47 years of marriage I had sneaked out of bed early in the morning to go for a run. During winter it was still dark when I left the house.  To this day I can picture a cyclist who was killed when he was knocked off his bicycle, his body lay covered by a blanket as I ran past.  Did that cyclist like me leave home without saying goodbye? How often do we leave early for work without waking the family up to say goodbye?   How often during those hectic school mornings are we so rushed getting the kids ready to take to school that we forget to say good-bye, let alone give a good-bye kiss?  How often have we left the house in a huff mad about something that really didn’t matter?

Often when we hear of a tragedy like this we give extra attention to the ones we love. But…let’s admit it, how long does it last?   For how long do we hold those dear to us a little tighter, for how long do we replace the peck on the check with a look in the eyes and a kiss on the lips? Until the next argument?  It normally fades quickly until we hear about the next tragedy.

There is no way to combat the unpredictability of life but the best way to honor those whose lives have been cut short is to live each moment like it may be our last. This is an age old saying but is so relevant in the hectic times we live in.

Let’s pray: Father no one knows what the future holds but we know Who holds it. Help us to share Your abundant love with others especially those close to us. Please God help us to embrace this life you have given us, day by day, moment by moment. Amen

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