Colin's Wise Wednesday -4th July 2018

It’s Wednesday! Here we go again. We will start off differently this week with an appropriate Bible verse for our devotion:

When I consider Your heavens , the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have put in place, what is man that You are mindful of him the son of man that You care for him?  Psalm 8: 3-4 (NIV) 

I recline on the patio at our favorite place in the bush Ingwelala in absolute silence looking up at the stars and fire flies as they straddle the sky bringing light to the heavens. I sit in awe and awesome wonder of the vastness of the universe. There is not a single cloud. I close my eyes as the beauty above presses past the physical into my soul. The silence is broken by a Scops owl calling and I can hear the acknowledgement a lot closer. The hyena howls nearby and in the distance the lions roar. The night becomes alive to the call of Your creation.

As I get lost in wonder and praise, God’s words come to mind, ”The peace of God which surpasses all understanding”. Wow! What a peace that is. I often quote this verse when praying for someone in need or when sending a message of concern/condolences. Feeling this peace when everything is good was something special - it is all consuming and like nothing else.

Please God help us to seek Your peace each and every day. In good times and bad times. Please help us in everything we do, think or say to do it to the best of our ability and to the glorification of Your name. 

Let’s pray: Oh Father how I love You. Please Father grant me that peace that surpasses all understanding day in and day out no matter what the circumstances are. In Jesus name we pray with much love and much thanks giving. Amen.

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