Colin's Wise Wednesday - 11th July 2018

Polo’s eyes seem to reflect the  joy in his heart as he runs to collect a ball that I have thrown.  Chad captures this special moment as we take our neighbors dog for a run in the open fields.

Here we go with another devotion that I hope and pray will help you along this Wednesday.

The other day my son Gregg told us that Ryan, his son, had been offered a bed shaped like a car, something that Ryan had always wanted. The friends who offered the bed also offered to paint Ryan’s name on the side. This was going to be a big surprise for Ryan and Gregg took the opportunity to have the bed collected while Ryan was at a birthday party. Gregg had road sign pictures and posters  put on the wall as soon as the bed arrived. All was in place before Ryan came home. Gregg and Justene were waiting in anticipation imagining how thrilled Ryan would be to see the surprise they had for him. They captured his excitement on video (of course) for all of us to see. Boy was he excited!!!

This brought back so many memories of when we used to give our kids surprises. There are few pleasures on earth that can compare with the happiness one feels from delighting our children. Yes there are times to discipline and no we should not give our kids everything they want but sometimes when we can fulfill a little heart’s desire what a treat that is!

Don’t you think that is how our heavenly Father loves us? Surely He smiles when we experience joy at the good and perfect gifts He gives us. Surely His heart is made glad when we say “thank You Father thank You for loving me and caring for me the way You do.  I love You so much”. Surely He smiles when we follow His example  especially if our smile reflects the joy in our heart as we follow His commands, just as Polo followed his “master’s” command to fetch the ball.    What a lovely picture to have in our minds of God smiling  as we praise Him and thank Him for all He has done for us and as we carry out His commands.

Lets pray: What an awesome God we serve. Thank You for loving me and blessing me beyond measure. Please  God help to  reflect the joy in my heart by the smile on my face as I follow you. Oh how I love you.  Amen

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