Colin's Wise Wednesday - 18th July 2018

Wow these Wednesdays come around faster and faster as God leads me to share with you.


Oh no, where did I go wrong?


Are you like me and only turn to the instructions when things go wrong?  This made me think about how I use The Bible. 


Do we read God’s word upfront and remember His promises so that when things go wrong we know where to look for guidance OR do we wait until we are “broken” then turn to His word for help?  Have we read God’s message and absorbed the guarantees that go along with it? Some examples from the Psalms: 16:5 You Lord are all I have and you give me all I need; my future is in Your hands. Psalm: 62:1 I wait patiently for God to save me; I depend on Him alone. He alone protects and saves me; He is my defender and I shall never be defeated. Psalm 119:49,50. Remember your promises to me Your servant; it has given me hope. Even in my suffering I was comforted because Your promises gave me life.


We are made in God’s image so surely we should use the guidelines He has given us and accept His promises to ensure that we maintain His image within us and follow His path to eternal life.  


Let’s pray: Father thank you for being my Guide along the path of life. Thanks for Your word and please God help me to use Your word as my GPS as I journey through life. And when I take a wrong turn help me to adhere to Your voice when You say “recalculating” and put me on the right path again. You have the end in mind, eternal life,  and You know the way, please God help me to follow Your path.  Amen

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