Colin's Wise Wednesday - 15th August 2018

When I sat down on this cold Saturday morning after our FATHERS meeting where we are going through a Life Apps series by Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson, I intended doing a summary for our FATHERS group on The Encouraging App. Once again God changed my mind and said maybe our Wednesday readers might also be interested in what we heard and discussed this morning.  So here we are and I hope and pray that God will talk to us all through this sharing:

In a survey carried out it was established that in conversations the ratio of encouraging words compared to words of correction/criticism was 6 to 1 in favor of criticism/correction. Just listening to the conversations around us those stats seem to be correct.

Prov 11:25 NIV version:  He who refreshes others will be himself refreshed. The Good News version put it this way:  Help others and you will be helped

All conversations are opportunities.  An opportunity to lift someone up or pull someone down.  We can influence people in all walks of life. Here are some examples. When last did you tell someone “I believe in you, I am praying for you” OR “I believe in you, you can do it” OR “I believe in you, God believes in you.”  Wouldn’t you like those words said to you?  Imagine how an employee or your children or your spouse would react when you say these words to them.

How come we always get it right at funerals? The Minister and the friends of the deceased all stand up and say how great the deceased was.   Question:  did we heap all these praises on him when he was alive?

In our first App on forgiveness Jeff Henderson recommended a book “Unbroken”.   A book about Louis Zamperini , Olympic athlete, Japanese prisoner of war and a person on a mission to forgive those who had tortured him in the prison.  I have finished the book and just watched the movie…both highly recommended, but please read the book first it dwells more on the forgiveness than the movie does.  In the one movie scene Louis, just starting out on his athletic career, stops running and says to his coach “I can’t do this.” The coach, riding alongside him on a bicycle, stops, turns to Louis and looks him straight in the eyes and says “but I believe in you.” The next moment you see Louis fading into the distance running as hard as he can. What changed was that someone told him “I believe in you.”  What encouragement, what a powerful statement.

Another point in the presentation hit home to me ….I hope that it is just not me. Don’t you ladies often think to yourselves: “does he notice me?” Men have you noticed that the ladies in our lives don’t come running up to us and say “I have had my hair done how do you like it?”  NO, no, no they wait 15/20 minutes to see if we notice. Are you guys like me, I hate to admit it, I often fail this test. Let’s start our encouraging exercise with the ones closest to us.

Remember that encouragement is never too small when you are on the receiving end of it.

Look for good things to say – lean more to encouraging than criticizing.

Refresh, replenish and encourage others and you will be refreshed, replenished and encouraged.

Let’s pray: Lord please help us to be aware of the people you place in our path that need encouragement or a kind word.  In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen.


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