Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th September 2018

I have been reading a book called ‘A Warriors Faith’ written by Robert Vera, a story of a Navy Seal Ryan, who’s wounds during combat in Iraq left him blind. Part of the story tells us how his friend discovered Ryan was a Christian. This is the part I will share with you today, it touched me and hope that it will do the same to you.

“And they will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love”. Chorus  of a well-known hymn.

How will people know that we are a Christian? Here is Ryan’s story:

In his blindness Ryan did not major in the minors like long queues at the supermarkets with only a few Cashiers, he did not major in things that he had no control over. He took it all in his stride. What he yearned for most was relationships with friends and family. There he would apply his wisdom. It was subtle, he never lectured or gave advice, he simply lived his faith, in spite of all his setbacks in life. He never thumped the Bible. The evidence of his faith was in the things he did not do or say. I have never heard faith expressed this way but it makes a lot of sense, they never heard Ryan curse. He was always grateful. He gave subtle clues to his faith like when asked what music he liked he would say gospel or when mentioning his blindness he would say that he is only blind for the rest of his life here on earth.

It was interesting how his brother described his transformation. It was not from a bad person to a good one or a faithless person to a faithful one it was from a casual observer of faith to a fully engaged unfettered participant in faith. Trusting that God had a plan for him was Ryan’s only safety net. He joined with God and placed his faith and confidence in him. He was working hard to live as Jesus taught, full of forgiveness, courage and trust in the power of God’s plan.

Ryan was confident and at the same time humble and lived his life as an example rather than making excuses. He was always willing to help and he was more interested in others happiness, well-being and success more than his own.

Wow what a way to be acknowledged as a Christian.   How will they know that we are Christians or striving to be a Christians?

Let’s Pray; Our Farther I am Yours and You are mine. Amen.

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