Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th September 2018

It’s Wednesday so that means that another week has come and gone, so here I am with some more words of wisdom (I hope!!!!!!)

The other morning my quiet time routine was disrupted. Normally I listen to Brian’s daily devotion and then do 3 other readings. I don’t know if you are the same as me, I have got myself in a trap…… if I miss one of the four elements of my daily devotion it just doesn’t feel right…. but I am sure that God doesn’t mind. For Him I am sure it is more about the sincerity than quantity. Sometimes I really battle to comprehend thatthere is nothing I can do to make God love me more …. Whether I read one or 10 devotions God will love me the same.

But let’s get back to my disruptive quite time:  That morning after listening to Brian’s devotion about appreciating every moment I looked out the window of our chalet at Ngwenya Lodge and saw Impala pouncing along the river’s edge. I saw others still drinking with their reflections mirrored in the calm water. I saw Egyptian geese flying in formation straddling the sky.  All this time I could hear God’s symphony of 3 or 4 different bird calls, the robin trying his best to outdo the others but the Egyptian geese stole the show by singing (if you can call it that???) the loudest and out of tune.

Since my stay in hospital the week before this was the closest that I have felt to God without saying or reading a word, it was all about appreciating the now. Thanks Brian for the reminder.

Let’s pray the prayer that I prayed that morning: “Then sings my soul my Saviour God to Thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art”. God thanks for Your presence this morning.  Help me to remember that You are this close to me all day and every day.  Please God, help me not to be so regimented in my daily devotion that I miss Your presence, miss Your voice, miss Your message. Help me to savour these special moments of togetherness as Your creation reflects Your glory. Amen.

Until next Wednesday - Colin

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