Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th September 2018

I hope that God will reach you through another Wednesday devotion. Hope that you follow rugby so that you can relate to the first part of our devotion:

Have you ever known victory before the end of a contest?

How often have you been unable to watch a rugby or football match because of prior arrangements?  With today’s technology this is not a problem, you just record it or watch it on “catchup”. The only problem is that you have to stay away from your cell phone. I must tell you what happened on Saturday. I was really looking forward to the rugby game between the All Blacks and the Springboks. I was having a problem with a swollen leg so I thought that I would phone the Doctors and get an appointment for Monday. But no…. they had an appointment at 10:00 on Saturday. So I asked Lyn to record the game to watch when I got back but I only got back today, Tuesday,  after being admitted to hospital…again. While being admitted I looked up at the TV and the news was on showing a clip of the rugby with SA 38-36 up with a minute to go. With the All Blacks camping on our try line victory seemed highly unlikely. As per normal the SABC did not stay “focused” until the final whistle. Curiosity got the better of me so I phoned Lyn for the score. The result….. SA victors against all odds.

Even though I knew the outcome I still wanted to watch the game. I was fortunate to see it on a replay in hospital. What a difference knowing the result. I could watch the game stress free. When the All Blacks scored just before half time, No stress I knew the result. Victory was assured. In the second half with the All Blacks coming back strongly, no stress I knew the result. When they were “camping” on our try line for the last 5 minutes, no stress I knew the result victory was assured.  

Is it not the same for us? Our victory is secure. Between now and the final whistle we will have reason to feel anxious, ask me. We are going to “fumble the ball”, we are going to take some wrong turns, make the wrong decisions, allow ourselves to become part of the negative society. Evil will seem to be gaining the upper hand but don’t despair victory through Jesus Christ is assured.

Let us pray: Please God help us not to let evil and negative thoughts cloud the present and ruin the future. Help us to remember that it was not the nails that held You on the cross as You defeated evil but Your love for all of us. Please God help us not to give evil and negative thoughts more than a passing glance as we celebrate Your victory over evil. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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