Colin's Wise Wednesday - 31st October 2018

This Wednesday I am going to share a few thoughts on Grace. I have being struggling for some time to come to grips with the meaning of grace that will resonate within me and would love to share some of the readings and my own experience that have helped me along the way. Please bear in mind that I am no theological wizard I’m just an old sinner sharing my Christian walk. Sharing my walk is something I always wanted to do and with the encouragement of Nicole and Lyn, God’s prompting and the readers “likes” (thanks sooooo much) I am doing just that.

I really like Wikipedia’s definition of Grace: The love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not necessarily because of anything we have done to earn it. It is understood by Christians to be a spontaneous gift from God to people “generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved” – that takes the form of divine favor, love, forgiveness, and a share in the divine life of God. WoW!!!!!!!

I have read numerous books on Grace and the passages below are a few statements that I found helpful in my search for a better understanding:

 ♥ The grace of the Father as seen in the parable of the Prodigal son seems to be what Mumford & Son were singing about in their song Roll Away the Stone:  “It seems that all my bridges have been burnt but you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works…  it’s not the long walk home that will change this heart but the welcome I receive with every start” (extract from Brian’s recent DD). What a welcome the prodigal son got from the Father with arms wide spread. The Prodigal Father did not want anything from his son, no explanation no apology, just his presence. That is grace.

 ♥ Stop trying to please God. Your hearts should be strengthened by God’s grace, not by obeying rules (Heb 13:9).  Jesus does not say “Come to Me all you who are perfect and sinless.” Just the opposite. “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt’ 11:28) Let grace happen…for heaven’s sake…no more performing for God…you can rest now you have Gods unending affection.  (Max Lucado)

 ♥ Your grace is all I need and all You want from me is acceptance. (Max Lucado)

 ♥ Grace comes free of charge no strings attached, on the house. Grace my friends demands nothing from us but that we shall await it with confidence and acknowledge it with gratitude. A gift that costs everything for the Giver and nothing for the recipient. (Philip Yance);

God’s grace hit home to me recently at the communion table when I realized that although I am not worthy of being at His table God’s grace invites me to share in the blessing of this sacrament and reminds me of the depth of His love for me. It was that love that held Jesus on the cross and not the nails.

Let’s devote the week ahead to acknowledging God’s grace with gratitude and ask God to please help us remember that sustaining grace does not promise the absence of struggle but the presence of God.

Let’s pray: Please God renew in me a sense of wonder of Your grace. Please give me the courage and wisdom to live a life that reflects Your love. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen

Till next Wednesday ~ Colin

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