Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd January 2019

i there, Wednesday is here again as we meet in God’s presence. I pray that God will reach you as we share together.

How does God speak to you?  I shared this some time ago when we were using a different platform for our Wednesday devotion and felt a need to share it again in the hope that it would refresh my memory and hopefully at the same time give you some food for thought.

I don't know if you are like me I often wonder what God is calling me to do for Him. There must be something that I am missing, am I not listening to His word, His voice, am I not listening to His promptings? I often pray "Lord please lead me on the path You want me to follow, let me know in a clear voice what I should do. I need a burning bush experience".  After pondering over this question again I randomly opened the Bible, which I often do to seek God’s direction, and opened it on Romans: 12:1

"Here's what I want you to do: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him".

Wow!!!! Could it be any clearer, that was my “burning bush” experience. God wants us, in everything we do, to do it to the best of our ability and to the glory of His name. What a challenge.  Are you pondering what God is calling you to do? Maybe just maybe Romans 12:1 is preordained for you as well.

Let’s pray: Almighty God, thank You for the many blessings You have placed in my life.
Help me to be mindful of them every single day. Thank You for answered prayers and please give me the loving desire and ability to follow through on what you are calling me to do. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanks giving. Amen

Until next Wednesday, take care and God Bless.

~ Colin & Lyn


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