Colin's Wise "Ash" Wednesday - 6th March 2019

Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, begins the start of Lent. A period that we use to get closer to God, a period to renew our reliance on God. The tradition is that you give up or take on something. I do not give up coffee, or chocolate or red wine, I give up scratching my itchy skin (which is as result of my meds).  “So how will that help you get closer to God.. Colin” I hear you ask. I make a pledge that every time I feel the urge to scratch instead of scratching I think of God. It really works and wow I think of God often during Lent!   Scratching how bad can that be? I have tried everything to stop, have even been to a hypnotist for treatment but I can only control it during Lent. It may be unconventional but God uses all means to draw us closer to Him.

I cheated a bit with my daily reading for this week and fast forwarded to Wednesday’s reading to find out what they had to say about Lent. The writer relates a story where he “popped” into his folks for a visit and was offered coffee. He declined explaining that he had given it up for Lent. His folks then commented that he had been through so much and given up so much recently that maybe he had enough to worry about without adding the stress of no coffee. On thinking about what his folks said, he thought ‘yes I am worried, in fact very worried about recent happenings but I didn’t give up coffee as another source of stress, I thought of it as a way to renew my reliance upon God’.  Then he thought of his current situation through new eyes and he decided to stop worrying about it, to hand the situation over to God and walk the Lent journey without worrying.

Could we give up worrying for Lent?  Instead of worrying let’s think of Jesus and what He gave up for us.

Let’s pray. God I give my all to You, including my worries. Please God search my being as we walk together through this Lent period and please God show me all the dark places in my life that need your resurrecting light. Please God wrap Your arms around me and give my heart a home as we walk together to the cross and Your resurrection love. Amen.

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin


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