Colin's Wise Wednesday - 20th March 2019

Is that the alarm already? No it’s not an electronic alarm because here in the bush it's a harsh “kwali, KWALI, Kwali” of the Natal Francolin (now called the Spur Fowl) that wakes me up. What’s worse is when he makes a raucous, to put it mildly, cackling sound when he becomes alarmed. I think that is the sound I heard. I breathe deeply and sigh, time to get up I can sleep another time.

As I absorb the splendour and indescribable peace of an African sunrise, then later the tranquillity of sunset, I feel so privileged that in the silence of the bush - except for animal, birds and insect calls, I can enjoy this slice of God’s eternity. I am embraced by the splendour of His creation. He speaks to my soul, “be still and know that I am God”.

From the raucous awakening of the Spur Fowl to the tranquillity of a sunset, I remembered that song “All things bright and beautiful the Lord God made them all”.

But God why such a raucous call? Maybe we need a rude awakening so that we can wake up and appreciate the beauty God has given us, the beauty awaiting us not just the beauty in bush but the beauty in one another as we see people through God’s eyes full of potential and dearly loved

Let’s pray: Lord thank You for these moments of awe that take my breath away and Your awesome creation that inspires them. Please God teach me to see those around me in the way You see them. Amen.

God Bless - Colin & Lyn

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