Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 10th April 2019

Here we are 10 days before Good Friday, how has your lent journey been?

Do you recall me sharing on 13/03 what I give up for lent?   …“I give up scratching my itchy skin (which is as result of my meds).  So how will that help you get closer to God.. Colin” I hear you ask. I make a pledge that every time I feel the urge to scratch instead of scratching I think of God. It really works and wow I think of God often during Lent!   Scratching how bad can that be? I have tried everything to stop, have even been to a hypnotist for treatment but I can only control it during Lent. It may be unconventional but God uses all means to draw us closer to Him”….

I hate to admit defeat…I have not managed to stop scratching, in fact it has got worse. After the first week of lent, in spite of all the praying, I just could not stop. Instead of getting closer to God I was getting further and further from Him feeling that I had let him down. I started questioning my own faith, was my faith strong enough? It was terrible. It felt like I was putting a wedge between God and me. Then I remembered Gods words …. “Nothing, no nothing can separate me from the love of God”. I stopped beating myself up and kept repeating the words of one of my favorite choruses… Oceans.. “Grace abounds in deepest waters …My faith is made stronger in the presence of my Saviour…I rest in Your embrace, I am yours and You are mine”.

I just cannot explain how close God has been to me after that first week, what an awesome lent journey it has been, what an awesome God we serve.

Let’s pray: Father thank You for Your scriptures that are full of promises to help us through the troughs of life and thanks for letting me know when I really needed You that  Your love never fails never gives up and will never run out on me and that nothing, no nothing can separate Your love from me, not even my frailties. Oh God how I love You.


God blessColin & Lyn

Oceans – Hillsong United

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