Colin's Wise Wednesday - 29th May 2019

Judging? Who me? But Colin you asked this question before. I know we addressed this question some time ago but I came across an interesting take on judging in a book of devotions that I am reading called “Note to Self” by Joe Thorn. One of the devotions starts off by saying that the command to “judge not” is not a call to stop honest evaluations about others but to cease the hypercritical and condemning attitude that characterizes some of our thoughts, words and actions.

Then he asks a question and gives a very thought provoking a test: “Are you merciful, compassionate and forgiving or do you gravitate towards giving people what you believe they deserve?

Then the test….”How do you tip your Waiter/Waitress at a restaurant? Not just the good servers but even the bad ones. Have you considered that tipping generously, even if the service is bad, is a demonstration of grace that is not likely to be lost on the one serving you?”  On reflection I thought, thanks be to God for His grace, imagine if He gave us what we deserved. Who are we to judge what other people deserve? Do we think that we can do God’s job better than He can? God has all the facts and He knows the fine balance between justice and mercy. If there is any judging to be done leave it to God….Yes Colin.

One of the last statements Jesus made was “forgive them”, not some of them all of them, the Roman soldiers, the religious leaders, His disciples who had fled in darkness, you and me….  “forgive them for they know not what they do”. Jesus did not say judge them He said forgive them for what they have done.

Let us take Jesus example, don’t judge; forgive. Live by grace and demonstrate grace to those around you.

Let’s pray: Please God help us to release all issues of fairness to You to work out. You have all the facts You know how to balance justice and mercy. Help us to live by your example and not judge but forgive. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

God Bless ~ Colin & Lyn

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