Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th June 2019

Good morning!!!! Is it a good morning?  Are you a morning person? Don’t you find it changes over the years? During my running “career” early mornings were the norm.. The body and the mind got used to it and when visiting the bush those early morning drives were the ultimate. Much to the family’s displeasure morning drives were a must and they were too scared to lie-in in case Dad came back with all the “stories” of what he had seen. Some were just stories with the truth being told over breakfast.

This past Saturday morning I had to get up early for our  men’s fellowship at Church. It was one of “those” mornings. Did not feel great and the night before I had spent all my time scratching my itching skin. Feeling very sorry for myself I opened the dining room curtains to a bright star on the western horizon. It was like God saying to me I am here and “ I will meet you at every corner”. My mood changed.  This reminded me of a reading from Trevor Hudson’s book ‘Pauses for Pentecost’ (highly recommended, a must read) when he relates the story of the extremely dejected disciples returning to shore after an uneventful night of fishing.  All their efforts were in vain. Then on the shore they see the glow of a fire and a person waiting for them. They don’t recognize Jesus as He calls out to them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat.  They had tried all night, would one more try make any difference?  They not only heard but responded to the call resulting in an abundant catch, only then did they recognized Jesus.   

Is this not the Easter message that we should take with us each and every day?   The risen Jesus waits to meet us in person no matter what mood we wake up in.  As the disciples found out if you listen and respond to what Jesus has to say, especially in those tasks where we have labored and seemingly got nowhere, we can be assured of His living presence reaching out to us.

Let’s pray: Please God help us to be aware of and to acknowledge Your living presence each and every day as we recognize the present moment as a special gift from Thee. Whether it be opening the curtains to the stars above, coming home  feeling the warmth of the family or having a fish braai on the beach with friends help us to recognize and feel your presence in the things we often take so for granted. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanks giving. Amen.

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin

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