Colin's Wise Wednesday - 10th July 2019

I hear two voices. One positive the other negative. How do I react to them? Is my response the same? Do I hear God’s voice/message in both? Let me tell you my story.

Let’s go back to my running days, love reminiscing, must be getting old!  We were running the inter-high cross country at school. I took the early lead, loved showing off. If you watch the Comrades marathon on TV the commentators call those early front runners, TV runners, they are there for show. That was me and my competitors knew that. As we got on the track with 400 meters to go, as per usual, I was overtaken by not one but two runners. But the difference this time was a person next to the track who shouted out “Colin you can to it”, and thanks be to God, WE did it.

Fast forward quite a few years, 26 in fact, I decided to run the Two Oceans ultra-marathon, 56 km. I trained hard and was hoping and praying that I would get a silver medal, did not let anyone into my dream of a silver. This must be one of the most beautiful routes in the world to run, lost in the wonder of God’s beauty, and straining my body to achieve my goal was amazing. At the marathon mark as I slowed down for a drink of coke and water I heard a guy saying “these are the runners that will miss the silver medal”. My heart dropped. Was I going to capitulate to negative comments?  No I felt I needed to continue praying and rely more on God for stamina and perseverance and it worked, WE did it. At the end I just sat and cried realizing that the last 14 km was like a dream, a floating dream, like sailing with God “on the wings of an eagle”. I have never run the Two Oceans again; I just don’t want to come down to earth. Was that my best run ever… far. Thanks be to God.

I heard two voices, positive and negative motivation. Both from God? God has given us the freedom of choice; it is up to us how we respond. The negative comment made me rely more on God and less on self, so yes, I believe that both voices were from God.

Let’s Pray: Trusting You for help, Father, is the big thing. Even bigger than winning. Amen.

God Bless ~ Colin & Lyn

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