Colin's Wise Wednesday - 7th August 2019

“Wow you were fantastic, how did you manage that?” Do we keep the glory or do we pass it on?

At our Men’s Fellowship we’ve just completed a 4 part series by Andy Stanley called Your Move. It revolves around questions to ask when making decisions . The final session was titled “Passing it on” and the question Andy Stanley posed was: What will be most honouring to God? We found this to be one of the most challenging questions to ask ourselves before making decisions but at the same time a question that brings us closer to God. With that in mind I thought I would share a few points from our fellowship:

Christ followers believe that our talents come from God. When we do something incredible we accept the praise and pass it on to God.  It gives me “goose bumps” when a sportsperson does something great and in the interview he/she thanks God, thanks the coach and those who assisted along the way. Do non-believers think, “why must they always bring God into this?”.  Why do we?  Because we believe that people were created to reflect glory to God instead of receiving glory.  Do we always do this or do we keep the glory to ourselves thinking we are entitled to it, we deserve it?  Andy Stanley points out that to become obsessed with our own glory makes us small and insignificant. We were made for more, made to reflect God’s glory.

Remember we shouldn’t only give God the glory when we do something great we should bring Him honour in everything we do in our daily lives whether it is a routine like washing the dishes or cleaning the house, or something more exciting let’s ask God to help us to do everything to the best of our ability and to the glory of His name.   

As we evaluate our options over the next few days let’s ask the question: What will be most honouring to God? This question challenges us to look beyond ourselves and live for a greater purpose - to bring honour and glory to God.

Let’s pray:  Please God help us to ask this question as we seek to do Your will, as we seek to give You the glory. Please God help me to remember when I try to do it alone I miss the opportunity to partner with You. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin

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