Colin's Wise Wednesday - 4th September 2019

Spring is in the air. That line reminds me of that “old” song “Love is in the air”. Well spring and love are in the air as we celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary today the 4th September. I thank God that Lyn has put up with me for all these years.

A light rain fell this Sunday morning beckoning the arrival of spring, wonderful. Not our usual Sunday morning activity, no Church. We are away and there is no Church in close proximity. Then I thought, do we allow our Sunday worship to become just a routine or is it more than that? My question made me think of something that I read recently in the book I have mentioned a few times Note to Self. It said that Sunday Worship may be the pinnacle of the week but this pinnacle of corporate worship is fed by our ongoing private worship which is much more than having a “quiet” time with God. Our “quiet” time is important but it is just a part of our spiritual discipline. Our entire life should be an ongoing act of worship.

Let’s seek God for wisdom and strength whether at home or at “play”, in the office or the sports field, in our garage or workshop. This seeking of God will lead us to experience the person of God. We should worship in communities (Sunday worship) in private (our quiet time) then let us use these two aspects of our worship to manifest themselves  as we work for His glory and pleasure in all aspects of our life.

Let’s pray: God, You have promised that when two or three are gathered together in Your name that You will be there. Please God let our worship never ever become just a routine but rather a meeting with You in the inner most part of our souls. Please God help us to show Your love in word thought and deed from now until forever. Amen.

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