Colin's Wise Wednesday - 11th September 2019

Coincidence or God ‘incidence’? On the way to take a good friend of ours to have a cataract operation last week the car in front of us had the registration Godsway… (talk about a burning bush moment).The lead up  to his operation was indeed Godsway but that’s not the story I want to tell you now, will leave that for another day. This incident reminded me of a devotion that I read last week that I want to share with you.

It tells of an incident where a lady goes into a gift shop and comes across a sign “Welcome to Awesomeville! Population: Me”. The sign stopped her in her tracks. After 33 years of marriage her husband had left suddenly, unexpectedly and permanently. Newly single she felt like an awkward adolescent unsure of what do with her life. She was no longer sixteen but almost sixty. She had a choice. She could choose bitterness, anger and fear as her companions or she could embrace forgiveness, hope and joy. She could choose to exist in Woe-Is-Me Town or thrive in Awesomeville! She knew where she wanted to reside.

She bought the sign and it still hangs in her apartment as a daily reminder that her circumstances don’t have the final say in what her life looks like. Her attitude, choices, and faith (or lack thereof) set the tone each day.

She goes on to say that does not mean that her residence in Awesomeville is painless. Plenty of days her heart still aches, and tears seem to come out of nowhere. But she does not have to live in a permanent state of bliss to continue to love life. Life can be hard but nurturing a relationship with God does not have to be. She ends up by saying that she may be by herself, but as God reminds her daily, she is never alone.

Let’s pray: Please God open my eyes to the beauty and blessings of each new day, even the tough ones. Please God draw near to me in a way that makes Your presence more tangible in my life. In Jesus name I pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen.


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