Colin's Wise Wednesday - 25th September 2019

“I love you…. No I love you more; I love you more than you will ever know…. I love you more”. These are whatsapp messages between my granddaughter and me. No matter what superlative I use to express my love for her, her response is “I love you more”.

Emily sang a beautiful rendition of “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so” at Church this past Sunday. This made me think.  Is it enough that the Bible tells us that Jesus loves us? Love is a verb a doing word, as they taught me at school a long, long time ago. How did God respond to His love, the verb, for us? He sent Jesus to show us the way. What are we doing with the love that Jesus showed us during His earthly ministry? The love that sent Him to the cross.

Let’s tell Jesus again today that we love Him unconditionally and then be still and listen for His response: I love you more.

Let’s pray: My Father, my God my Friend oh how I love You. Please help me to turn my love for you into a doing word an action that will reflect Your love in my life. Please God let my actions do the talking and only if really necessary let me speak. Thank you for Your response to my statement that I love You…I LOVE YOU MORE. Amen

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin


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