Colin's Wise Wednesday - 27th November 2019

Can you remember?

At the beginning of the year we ran a 6 week life apps course for FATHERS.  All of us raved about the course on forgiveness, confession, rest, trust and encouragement. Has it changed our lives? If we only think of them as fantastic apps and we don’t respond and apply them, was it worth our while?

What about Church? We sit there Sunday after Sunday and afterwards carry on as usual, we don’t let God's message change us, is that worth our while?  Aren’t we deceiving ourselves if all we do is sing the awesome lyrics, listen to the sermon,  pay our dues into the collection plate and leave feeling a lot better because we went to Church? 

I often beat myself up because I can’t remember the sermons or devotions I’ve heard.  I always find them inspiring and think to myself… I must remember that. But do I??? The devotions I read a few days ago - what were they about? I don’t remember. But I do remember reading about someone who felt just like I do until a friend asked what he’d for dinner 2 nights before.  He couldn’t remember and his friend pointed out that his body was still nourished and strengthened even though his memory had let him down.

I am less harsh on myself nowadays because I realize that even though I can’t remember what I ate recently I’m still nourished and it gives me the strength to carry on. I now apply the same logic to my spiritual life, I can’t always remember Brian’s sermon or his digital devotions, can’t always remember my daily  devotional readings or what I learned from the Life Apps but one thing I do know for sure is that my love for Jesus has grown and grown.

Let’s pray: Please God bless Brian and Lyn, I may not remember what they “dished” up for me but I sure feel the difference. Amen.

God bless and please take care ~ Lyn & Colin

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