Colin's Wise Wednesday - 25th December 2019

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Do they know it’s Christmas in Heaven? This is the strange thought I had this morning as we attended the memorial service of my brother's mother in law. Her granddaughter from Australia had come all this way to spend Christmas with her Gran. She got here too late. Or was it too late? Gran had been battling Dementia for the last few years in a Frail Care Centre. She was now free of her frailties to celebrate Christmas singing (she had a beautiful voice) with a host of Angels singing praises to the King. An uplifting moment of hope during a somber occasion.   

A memorial service at this time of the year can bring sorrow but as we celebrate Christmas we also celebrate the hope that Jesus brought into this world, a hope of a new beginning with eternal life.

God the creator became one of us so we could become one with him. And what’s more He did away with every barrier, fence, sin, debt and the grave. Anything that might keep us from Him was demolished. He only waits our word to walk through the door and into our life.

Invite Him in today. Pull out His chair at the head of the table. Call your loved ones that have gone before, call your friends, the kids and neighbors. Christmas is here. Jesus is here.

Listen to God whisper “nothing no nothing can separate you from My love” listen closer and hear Him say “your heart can be My manger”.  Let’s make every day Christmas. Let’s make the Christmas miracle a year-long celebration. A year-long celebration of hope, peace, joy and love. Let Silent Night be sung on winter nights. Let Advent warm our winter chill.

Let’s pray: God thanks for loving us. Thanks for the story of Christmas, a story of Your relentless love for us. Jesus please join us today as we celebrate Your birth, Your life and the gift You have given us because of today, the gift of  eternal life. What a gift, what love what an awesome God we serve. Please Jesus take up permanent residence in my heart today. Thanks that there is no limit to Your love.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen

 Have a Blessed Christmas ~ Colin & Lyn

Thanks to Max Lucado for part of our devotion… Because of Bethlehem.

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