Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th February 2020

Prevent aging? Use “Eternal Youth Dew” by Ponds. Ever heard this ad? No… neither have I (I just made it up)! But I’m sure you have heard many ads telling you how to remain young; rid yourself of all the wrinkles and retain or regain your hair. None of them have worked for me I’m still wrinkled and my hair is falling out faster than ever. Have they worked for you? Have you noticed all the models in these ads are good looking/beautiful and I’m sure they’ve never needed any cream or hair restorer anyway!

Nowadays physical beauty drives a lot of the marketing campaigns andthe persistent recommendations to rid ourselves of worn-out skin and unattractive wrinkles can be both tempting and discouraging. Imagine if there was a daily means to reduce the ever deepening wrinkles of worry, anger, greed and bitterness?  According to Paul there is: The more we look into the face of Christ, the more the world’s worrying wrinkles are smoothed as we are changed into the Lord’s image. There is no cost to us but there is a requirement:  to keep our eyes on our Lord. The Message puts it beautifully: Our faces shine with the brightness of His face. Our lives gradually become brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like Him.

No anti-wrinkle cream or hair restorer necessary all we need is to fix your eyes upon our Lord in prayer, meditation, scripture and worship and we become more beautiful by radiating Gods presence.

Lets pray: Lord, in a world filled with glamorous distractions help me to keep my eyes and mind focused on Your splendor. Shine Jesus shine. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

God Bless and please take care.

Lyn & Colin

PS: Thanks to our Daily Devotion for extracts and guidance for this message.


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