Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th February 2020

Our Daily Devotion the other day made me think of the enormous task we have as believers in a world of increasingly sceptical viewpoints. The devotion told a story of a person who was teaching English in Uganda to some very inquisitive youngsters. Another teacher had read about the change of seasons and their enquiring minds wanted an explanation of “change of season”. How does one explain that to people living on the equator? Spring with the flowering trees, yes, and autumn with falling leaves, yes, they could comprehend. But winter? They couldn’t imagine being cold so how do you explain cold? To try and make them understand the teacher pointed to Lake Victoria, which was visible from the open-air classroom, and said if that was in Canada they would be able to walk on it in winter as it would ice over. With that she said she lost all credibility.

Aren’t the youngsters in the story like many of the current generation who just can’t grasp the height and depth and breadth of God’s love and Grace. How do we explain the Virgin birth, the Crucifixion, rising from the grave?  How do we get people to love their enemies, to realize that it is better to give than to receive and to forgive those who persecute them. All are contrary to the norms of today.    Will words alone do it?  NO. Let’s try actions and only if really necessary use words. Let our lives be the example to guide others to God.

What did the teacher do to try and convince her class? She brought ice cubes from her freezer and let her class hold them until they melted. This was the first time they had experienced cold. Did words do it for their belief? No, until they saw and felt for themselves words were not enough.

Let’s pray. Please God help me to be an example to all those You place in my path, of what it is like to follow and believe in Your Word, in Your promises. You have promised never to leave us or forsake us, You have promised that Your rod and staff will protect and guide us. Thank You for Your promises and the example You set for us all to follow. Thanks for Your actions that spoke louder than words.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen

God Bless and please take care ~ Lyn & Colin

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