Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th February 2020

omrades marathon, one of my up-hills in life.

Something I read during my devotion time the other day made me think of my running days….again!!!!!! It was to do with the up-hills we all have in life. While running I was always trying to convince myself that for every uphill there must be a downhill.  By the time I got half way up Polly Shorts in the Comrades marathon (89 kilometers) my theory was dispelled.  Looking back now I think that’s how my life is, I cruise through the quiet periods without a thought and then legs aching I hit the next hill and the next.

During my running career I concentrated a lot on hills. I would run up and down sand dunes and mine dumps and look for hills to train on. Lyn thought I was mad, maybe she was right? But the more I trained on hills the easier they got. Our faith, like our legs, gets stronger. Because it’s on those difficult life-climbs, the Polly shorts of life, the ones where we can’t see the top, that our miraculous God shows himself cheering and coaching, He supports and carries us to the top. And if we take time to pause and look back, we usually see we weren’t the ones doing the striding at all.

Life’s paths gets dark and steep, certainly. But every stride up the hills builds faith. And faith is measured in one of those beautiful God-equations- the bigger it gets the lighter our load.

Let’s Pray:   “You will run and not get weary”. Thank You, Father, for the wind at my back, I am weak, but You are strong! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

God Bless and please take care ~ Lyn & Colin


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