Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger : 15 April 2017


Waking up disappointed that we only received 8mm from last nights storm, although the weatherman forecast more, we headed out in cloudy and drizzly conditions; the morning was a slow start, although those that went to see on the leopard kill at Java Dam found that both Ntima and Tshwukunyana males were at the kill; something they haven't done for a while! The morning started with a lion roaring very close to camp as we were climbing into the vehicle, but after 30 minutes of driving around looking for him, we left the area empty handed.

The Western Pride struggled to cross the Nhlaralumi that had come down even higher with last nights rain, but eventually did and moved north back to Ingwelala. I went to check on the hyena den in the west and only saw two adults around the termite mound, but with little chance of the cubs coming out, we moved on. As we were about to close for a cup of coffee, we picked up some rhino tracks and Difference did well to spend the next hour or so tracking until he located the bull and after a quiet morning and coffee in the rain, we eventually got to tick off the last of the Big 5 for my guests. We headed home along the tarred Argyle Rd upon hearing that the lions had been resting there, but saw very little other than a distant elephant herd along the way.

My afternoon was much more relaxed and we spent it near the north watching giraffe, impala, hippos and crocodiles as Difference followed up on some tracks for the male lion that we were unable to find in the morning. We didn't have a very busy afternoon and after a drink with a hyena that came wandering up to us in cold, gloomy conditions, we moved south towards Java Dam to see if we could have luck with the leopards. Tshwukunyana had been grumpy all day, so we limited the number of vehicles that could view him, but Ntima was still around. As i was approaching , Tshwukunyana jumped down and disappeared, but after failing to see him, we returned to wait at the tree knowing Ntima would come back, but arrived to already find him up in the tree feeding on the carcass with some hyenas milling around below. It was a nice way to end off an otherwise quiet day.




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