14 October 2017: Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger. God’s creation in the wild.


Sunday was my last full day on drive for a while, and we headed out with some spitting rain, but I didn't think it would last long, so was feeling a fool when three hours later it was still spitting! I had headed south, and Difference was on foot following some male leopard tracks as he was walking in the rain, but he and Johannes just couldn't find the leopard; annoyingly, if Difference had been with me, we would almost certainly have found Nthombi female in the south, but despite my best efforts, I just couldn't get her; we did see wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and some distant elephants in the south, but overall, it was rather quiet. The Western Pride (all nine plus one pride male) were found sleeping on the southern end of Motswari airstrip in the morning, but we left them for the afternoon. Mondzweni male leopard was found quite far north by his usual standards, but I also decided to follow up in the afternoon.

I was most desperate for elephants this afternoon, but went and dropped Diff and Eric off on leopard tracks near where Mondzweni had been, but annoyingly, the tracks turned out to be for the massive Goya Rd male, and the trackers tracked him off the property in the north. We did luckily find not one, but two groups of male elephants that occupied our afternoon in addition to the plentiful giraffes and kudus. After drinks, we bumped into a couple of grazing rhinos before moving towards the lions near the camp – they were resting on our access road when we arrived, but soon got up and moved past us and into a dense mopane woodland that we didnt follow them into; it was not a bad afternoon, and great to see some elephants again!


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