09 November 2017 : Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger. God’s creation in the wild.


Conditions changed last night, and we awoke to clouds and coolness – quite different from yesterday's heat. I checked to the north of camp for some sign of Shongile female leopard, but found no sign of her – we did enjoy giraffes, waterbuck, impala, steenbuck and some buffalo bulls as the other guides followed up on some lions that had come past our airstrip, and they soon found the Western Pride, with one pride male, resting near the Nhlaralumi.

We spent time with some giraffe and kudu before popping in to see the very inactive lions and committed to returning that evening to see them awake. After coffee, we were heading back to camp when Henry found Shongile female leopard to the north-east of the lodge, and it didn't need a second invite to head in that direction. She had been up a couple of marula trees in search of a meal, but when I arrived, she dragged me through a load of obstacles before eventually posing on a couple of mounds, and at last, settling in the fork of a marula tree to make for a relieved guide!

We went in search of her in the afternoon, but when Robynne found her, she was making her way towards our boundary and settled behind a bush to watch impalas on Ingwelala airstrip, so I didn't go see her. We found another group of buffalo bulls before heading east where we didn't see much besides impalas, hippos and zebras. The lions had gotten active way earlier than I thought they would have, but sadly walked straight to an area that we couldn't access, but our patience was rewarded and they eventually came down the Nhlarlaumi and settled where we could see them, before moving along and giving us a great view before we made our way back to the camp, with one hyena and a bushbaby as company.


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