Colin’s Wise Wednesday’s - 7th February 2018

chad stuck 2God will go before me Ps 59:10 NIV

My son Chad, who is responsible for all the photos that I use, is a Game Ranger and wild life photographer and when he comes to a river that he is not sure of he or his Tracker normally wade across the water first to establish if it is safe enough to risk it with the vehicle with his guests onboard. I guess that this time he tried it on his own not asking for any guidance.

How often don’t we do the same we don’t ask for help we don’t take God at His promises that He will go before us, He will show us the way.

God repeats His promise in Matthew 28:12 GN Bible through the Angel who advises …..and now He (Jesus) is going to Galilee ahead of you.

Why don’t we ask God to show us the way every day. Let God be the path under our feet the path that we take no matter what the circumstances are. What anxiety are you facing, health issues, family issues or setting out on the long lonely road after a bereavement. Whatever your concern may be the road ahead will be made easier if you take God at His word…I will go before you. God does not say “maybe” He says He will go before us…. just ask.

Let’s pray: Almighty God let us remember that it is never ever too late to call on you for help, even we have made a wrong choice You will still help us out of any situation. The murderer next to You on the cross left it really late but You forgave him immediately and said to him that today, not tomorrow, you will be with Me in heaven, WOW what an amazing God we serve. Amen

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