Colin's Wise Wednesday - 17th July 2019

“Hi Jesus, Colin here”…….. how do you start your prayers? Do you introduce yourself to God? Or do you come to God with formal words of praise, thanks and petition wondering if you are getting it right? Or do you approach God with familiarity, expecting to be heard? This was a topic of a recent devotion that I read. The husband’s prayer was: “God, please, please, please, please, PLEASE help us!” After praying the husband was cheerful expecting to be heard and wondering what was for breakfast while the wife praying about the same concern with her formal prayer of praise thanks and petition moped around still worried if she had got it right.

Do we have a personal relationship with God? Does God recognise our call? He must do or how else can He answer our prayers. When we start with our petitions how would God know who we were praying for if He did not know us personally? Psalm 139:4 allays our fears…. Before a word is on my tongue You, Lord, know it completely.

This morning on our game drive, yes in the bush again, I heard a deep booming call “oomph, oomph-oomph”….I was convinced it was a Ground Hornbill and said as much to Lyn and Chad. A firm ‘No’ followed. “No Dad it is a Giant Eagle Owl” - their call is a series of deep grunts “hu-hu-hu, hu-hu”. To me they sounded the same but to the trained ear of a game ranger there was a difference. I got that call wrong as well as a few others over the past few days. Thankfully God recognizes our voice every time we call on Him, He won’t get it wrong,thanks to the personal relationship we have with Him.

Let’s pray: Please Jesus help me to remember that You always recognise my voice and are ready to listen. Amen

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin

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